Vacations are meant to be restorative. But sometimes it’s all too easy to overindulge in food and drinks—and skimp on sleep! The good news is that when you’re visiting Park City and are looking for things to do, you can easily dedicate a day to wellness—leaving you feeling relaxed, restored, and rejuvenated.

Plus, you don’t have to be an athlete to enjoy the outdoors. In Park City, there’s always something for everyone. Below, find two itineraries in different parts of town, Old Town/Prospector and Kimball Junction, for the ultimate wellness day that will leave you fulfilled and refreshed.

A Wellness Day in Old Town & Prospector

Start your wellness day in Old Town Park City, moving through Prospector Square and the surrounding areas. An active day, followed by an afternoon at the spa and a delightful dinner, provides a sense of fulfillment like nothing else.


Begin your day with breakfast at Harvest or Atticus Café, both conveniently located on lower Main Street. At Harvest, you’ll find a varied selection of coffee and tea drinks, as well as smoothies and light bites, perfect for a nutritious start. Atticus Café offers a cozy atmosphere with a menu featuring fresh, locally-sourced ingredients, providing a range of options from breakfast burritos to acai bowls.

Morning Activity

After breakfast, take a leisurely stroll or grab a free e-bike from the Summit Bike Share and head to the Rail Trail. This scenic route will lead you about one mile to Enlighten Wellness in Prospector. At Enlighten, choose from a variety of yoga classes and treatments — whether you’re in the mood for hot power yoga or a calming all-levels vinyasa, you’ll find a class that fits your vibe. Afterward, indulge in an infrared sauna or float tank session to enhance your relaxation and detoxification.

At Enlighten Wellness, you can follow a yoga class with a sauna or float tank session to enhance your relaxation and detoxification. Photo: Enlighten Wellness


For lunch, stop by Five5eeds or Luna’s Kitchen, both located in the Park City marketplace. Five5eeds is known for its vibrant, healthy dishes that cater to all dietary preferences, from gluten-free to vegan options. Luna’s Kitchen offers a delightful array of organic and wholesome meals, ensuring you find something satisfying and nutritious.

Afternoon Relaxation

After lunch (and maybe a nap!), treat yourself to a luxurious massage at the Spa at Hotel Park City. Spend your afternoon unwinding with full access to the spa’s amenities, including saunas, a steam room, and a pool with stunning mountain views. This serene environment provides the perfect setting to relax and rejuvenate.


Close out your wellness day with a delightful dinner at Blind Dog, an upscale restaurant known for its fresh seafood and sushi, as well as steaks, fine wines, and crafted cocktails. Opt for outdoor seating on the spacious patio to admire the beautiful views as the sun sets, creating the perfect end to a fulfilling day.

A Wellness Day in Kimball Junction

Kimball Junction offers a plethora of wellness options for morning, noon, and night. Here’s how to make the most of everything this area has to offer, and end the day feeling more relaxed than ever before.


Start your day with a nourishing breakfast at Hill's Kitchen. Coffee, tea, fresh smoothies, acai bowls, pastries, and more—it may be tough to find a more nourishing meal to start the day in Kimball Junction!

Morning Activity

Head to Club Pilates or Peak 45 for a morning workout. Club Pilates offers a range of classes that focus on strength, flexibility, and overall wellness through low-impact exercises. If you prefer a more intense workout, Peak 45's high-energy classes are designed to challenge your endurance and build strength.

Mid-Morning Relaxation

After your workout, unwind with an infrared sauna session at Pure Sweat Float Studio. The infrared heat penetrates deeply into your muscles, promoting relaxation, detoxification, and improved circulation.

Pure Sweat Float Studio is a wellness oasis offering infrared saunas, a float tank, and a fully stocked boutique full of healthy supplements and more.


For lunch, visit Vessel Kitchen or Aubergine Kitchen. Vessel Kitchen is known for its fresh, locally-sourced ingredients and balanced meals, offering everything from hearty salads to flavorful bowls. Aubergine & Company provides a variety of healthy Mediterranean-inspired dishes, including wraps, salads, and smoothies, perfect for a light yet satisfying meal.

Afternoon Activity

Take a leisurely walk through the Swaner Nature Preserve. This beautiful area offers miles of trails and boardwalks, where you can enjoy the serene natural environment and possibly spot some local wildlife.


End your day with a delicious dinner at Hearth & Hill. This local favorite offers a diverse menu featuring seasonal ingredients and creative dishes. Whether you're in the mood for something light or more indulgent, Hearth & Hill has something to satisfy every palate.

In Swaner Nature Preserve, the peaceful surroundings provide a perfect backdrop for mindfulness and reflection.

Chasing Wellness in Park City 

With either itinerary, you’ll experience a balanced mix of physical activity, relaxation, and nutritious dining, ensuring you feel rejuvenated and refreshed at the end of your day in Park City.