In Park City, the winter months bring a full lineup of activities: skiing, snowboarding, and plenty of events around town. But for many, the non-stop adventures can also mean wear and tear on both the body and mind.

After a hectic holiday season of skiing, travel, and social events, I personally found myself desperately craving a wellness reset. In search of relaxation and rejuvenation, I booked a visit to Pure Sweat Float Studio, which offers full-spectrum infrared saunas and a float tank. 

Located in Kimball Junction, this wellness oasis offers infrared saunas, a float tank, and a boutique with supplements, CBD, skincare products, and more. The goal of Pure Sweat Float Studio, as owner Stacey Millhorn told me, is to provide a space where “clients feel at home away from home.”

“Both the sauna and the float provide the opportunity to disconnect and relax in a spa-like environment,” says Millhorn, who opened the location in 2023. “We provide everything for our clients including a vanity bar with various products to freshen up after their services.”

Millhorn had experienced the benefits of using a sauna and float tank first-hand as she dealt with a shoulder injury. “When I lived in Nashville, I sought out a full spectrum infrared sauna for the health benefits,” she says. “I have a full shoulder replacement and suffer from chronic pain, which infrared is known to improve."

Beyond pain relief, Millhorn discovered additional benefits from her sauna sessions, such as improved sleep, enhanced immunity, and glowing skin—and she was hooked. When she and her family relocated to Park City, she decided to open her own infrared sauna studio. 

Pure Sweat Float Studio location in Redstone in Park City!

The Details

Comfortable private rooms at Pure Sweat Float Studio in Park City!

A True Wellness Experience

The studio is easy to find, with plenty of parking around the facility. Inside the clean and spacious studio, I was greeted by the friendly assistant manager, Isabella, who helped me get oriented and described what to expect in the sauna and float tank — helpful for a first-timer like me. I opted to do a 45 minute sauna session, followed by a 40 minute float.

As Millhorn explained to me, a full-spectrum infrared sauna isn’t your typical sauna. “It’s not the same as a traditional sauna found in a gym or hotel spa," Millhorn explains. “The difference is that Pure Sweat's full-spectrum saunas use far, mid, and near infrared wavelengths of light to create heat in the body, offering diverse advantages.” For instance, mid-infrared aids in pain relief and muscle recovery, while near-infrared promotes skin health and anti-aging.

Unlike traditional saunas where the heat can be overwhelming, Pure Sweat's infrared saunas utilize lower temperatures and light therapy, warming the body from the inside out. This unique approach creates a sensation akin to basking in the sun without harmful UV rays.

Excited to reap the benefits, I settled into my own personal sauna room, which was surprisingly spacious and well-equipped. The space is equipped with your own speaker, towels, robe, and even Bala exercise equipment in case you want to get some reps in or stretch it out as you soak up the infrared heat.

After 45 relaxing minutes, I was ready to take my sweaty self into the shower and get ready for my first float tank experience. A float tank, also called a sensory deprivation tank, is filled with warm, magnesium-rich water. It’s designed to provide a sense of weightlessness and freedom of movement, leaving you refreshed and relaxed.

As I was fully enveloped in warm water and shut off from external stimuli (there are optional meditation tracks you can play during your experience), I really felt like I was floating in space! I lost sense of time, and the 40 minutes flew by.

Afterwards, I felt deeply relaxed, calm, and more mindful—all of which are research-backed benefits of floating. Intriguingly, I also experienced creative inspiration as well as breakthroughs in a few personal situations I was working through in my mind. This burst of creativity, it turns out, can be another beneficial effect of floating!

Crafted and comfortable design for a luxurious wellness experience!

A Few Tips for First Timers

For people new to infrared sauna and float tanks, Isabella and Millhorn offer some pro tips.

  • Start with a moderate heat setting: The temperature gauge might not be as high as you’re used to with a traditional sauna, but you’ll still reap the benefits. "Because the sauna heats you from the inside out, most people start sweating about halfway through the session,” Millhorn says. This ensures a comfortable, rejuvenating, yet still effective experience.
  • Wear earplugs for the float tank: Provided by the studio, ear plugs will ensure the salt contained in the water will not get in your ears. You’ll also want to shower before you enter the tank — but rest assured the water is filtered on a regular basis so it stays clean and fresh between visits. 
  • Stay consistent. The benefits of sauna and floating are best reaped over time — and the unique experience of floating may take a few sessions to fully appreciate, Millhorn notes. Try one of the intro packs for 3 sessions to get into a routine.
Feel great and get ready for the day after your sauna and float experience!