Museums & History

To sum up Park City’s history in just a few words is almost impossible. From our beginnings as a stalwart silver town in the height of the mining era to our status as a world-class ski and bike destination with an Olympic legacy—we have deep roots in Utah going back to the 1800s. Among those roots are our ongoing relationships with the local Ute and Shoshone indigenous tribes, the original settlers of this land, and the former for whom Utah is named for. 

Our history is an ongoing narrative, constantly evolving as we provide new experiences and services while ensuring we acknowledge and preserve our past for future generations. We invite you to join us in celebrating our history and riding into the future by taking part in Park City’s stewardship and sustainability practices: whether it's taking the bus, using the electric bike share, walking, riding bikes, picking up trash, or shopping locally. 

Park City boasts many museums and historical sites celebrating our mining and skiing heritage—find your adventure today! 

Park City History

Beginning as a gathering place for the Ute and Shoshone people of the Great Basin, then a mining boom town, and now a center of excellence for Olympians, artists, and outdoor enthusiasts from across the globe, Park City’s story has always been one of rebirth and renewal. That legacy lives…

Park City Mining Boom

Park City's mining boom started in the 1860s with the discovery of silver, gold, and lead and the opening of the town’s first silver mine. Mining settlements soon followed as large crowds of prospectors set up camps around the mountain terrain.

Park City Origins

Learn about Park City's rich history including information on our first settlers, how we got our name, and tension between new settlements & indigenous people.