Horseback Riding in Park City

While the trail network in Park City is synonymous with running, mountain biking and hiking—horseback riders know that one of the best ways to enjoy the beautiful mountain vistas is from the seat of a saddle. Horses are kind, responsive, and emotional creatures, and they love to go out on alpine excursions. Even if you have limited horseback riding experience, you can find a stable and tour that will allow you to get the most out of Park City’s spectacular terrain. With thousands of square acreage throughout the valley, some might go a lifetime on horseback and never see the same spot twice. So bring your curiosity and your love of animals to the wild West and take life by the reins. If you already know the world of these equine beauties, then come on out and just ride. On a hike or biking—be sure to give lots of space to horses and vocalize to riders where you are for everyone's safety!