Horseback Riding in Park City

While the trails in Park City are full of runners and cyclists, horseback riders in Park City know that one of the best ways to enjoy the beautiful mountain vistas is from the seat of a saddle.

The horses stabled by Park City guides are kind, responsive, and emotional creatures. Plus, they love to go out on the mountain trails having made the journey countless times. Even if you have limited horseback riding experience, you can find a stable and tour that will allow you to get the most out of Park City’s spectacular terrain.

Red Pine Adventures, located just around the corner from Canyons Village, offers guided horseback rides all on Red Pine’s own privately owned land. Summer means you’ll get a whisk of cool mountain air from atop your horse and a great view of meadows full of wildflowers and sublime mountain peaks. You may even see a grazing deer or elk during your traverse through the wilderness.

 If you’re staying right in Park City, you also might want to try Destination Sports and Adventure. They’re known for their summertime fly fishing tours, and they have horseback riding adventures as well, ranging from one and a half to four hours in length. Take a ride through wooded trails under the shimmering dance of aspen leaves.

North Forty Escapes offers an authentic western horseback riding experience from the saddle of one of their friendly trail-savvy quarter horses. Riding the trail on horseback will give you an escape from the bustle of city life. Far away are the noisy highways, traffic, and congestion of the city, allowing you to relax and take in all the scenery.

Everyone can appreciate the landscape in the beautiful Wasatch Mountains. If you’d like a more exclusive and private tour of some of this land, Adventures at Stillman Ranch and Blue Sky Utah each have multiple thousand-acre plots for you to enjoy an afternoon ride. Adventures at Stillman Ranch keep horses for people of all skills and abilities. If you’re not comfortable being behind the reins, sit back in a wagon and let the guides deliver you to a barbecue dinner. Or, after your ride at Blue Sky, enjoy the fares the chefs have prepared with a three-course meal waiting for you upon arrival.
Horseback Riding Tours Near Park City

 Just outside of town in Coalville and Wanship are Rocky Mountain Outfitters and Wind in Your Hair Riding. Rocky Mountain Outfitters offers private rides on their stables near Soldier Hollow, a short drive north of Park City, away from the bustling resorts. Their stables are private and their tours are gorgeous. At Wind in Your Hair Riding, horses is all they do. They have classes for beginners and keep those buckaroos close to the stables. Most of their trails are for more experienced riders who feel comfortable with a canter and gallop. This company specializes in more advanced riders and will definitely get the blood pumping.

With thousands of square acreage throughout the valley, some might go a lifetime on horseback and never see the same spot twice. So bring your curiosity and your love of animals to the wild West and take life by the reins. If you already know the world of these equine beauties, then come on out and just ride.

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