For the Mountainkind

Crisp mountain air calls to you. You seek fresh powder on winter mornings and long hikes on summer afternoons. You’re passionate about preserving nature’s beauty and bringing your energy to communities that feel the same way you do. In other words, you’re the Mountainkind. And with 400+ miles of trails, two world-class ski resorts, and an Olympic legacy in one vibrant place—Park City, Utah is for you.

A girl rides on her dad's shoulders while hiking through fall leaves

The Mountainkind Spirit

What is Mountainkind? It's a statement, an action, a way to describe the way you live and recreate in Park City. Locals and visitors alike share a common passion to protect and preserve our incredible landscapes and values built around diversity and inclusivity. All Mountainkind who want to experience our incredible mountain town—on the slopes or the trails—are welcome here. That spirit doesn't stop when you click out of your skis or step off your bike. Our community is one of artists, thinkers, business owners, and volunteers who trade on ideas to bring forth positive change and responsible growth.  

The Legacy we share

People who visit Park City are drawn to the breathtaking beauty of the land, the creative culture of our thriving communities, and the sustainable values woven into the very fabric of our town.

Fresh Adventures For Every Season

Mountain Biking Discover New Trails

Recent additions to our ever-expanding network of mountain bike trails have enhanced our mountain sanctuary, boasting everything from lift-access bike parks at Woodward and Deer Valley to high-elevation thrills accessed via the Crescent chairlift and Red Pine gondola at Park City Mountain.

Why Mud Matters.


Family Trips Woodward Park City: High-Altitude Haven

For nearly half a century, Woodward has pioneered making action sports accessible, stretching from the shores of Mexico's Yucatán Peninsula to its newest home in Park City in 2019. Here, at an exhilarating elevation of 7,000 feet, thousands have come to chase adrenaline and master new skills.

Summer Vacation Experience a Luxury Vacation

Park City doesn't sleep in the summer. And the luxury restaurants, services, and accommodations you know from the winter are still is more than spending a lot of money on an item; it’s about ease, comfort, a desirable location, personalized service, spaces with unique character and distinctions…