Park City Snowmobiling

Here in northern Utah, the locals and visitors have access to some of the most exciting terrain and beautiful snow on earth. One way to experience the sweeping bowls of powder and untouched mountain meadows in the winter months is to go snowmobiling. If you want to reach miles beyond other adventurers, a snowmobile might be the best option for you. This is, without a doubt, one of the most thrilling ways to enjoy Park City.

Peak Elevation

Thousand Peaks Snowmobiling, located in Oakley about 20 minutes away from Old Main Street in Park City, is one of the premier snowmobile adventure companies in the region. Thousand Peaks is located on a 60,000-acre private ranch where only their patrons are allowed to ride in the region. This means hours of enjoyment without seeing another person, and increases the chances of seeing wildlife in the backcountry.

Thousand Peaks also offers top-of-the-line Ski-doos that run in peak performance so you never have to worry about breaking down miles away from base camp. You’ll need the best equipment if you’re going to reach the highest elevations any company in the range offers—from 9,000 to 11,000 feet.

Pristine Backcountry

Located in Coalville, up a private, rural canyon just a few miles outside of Park City, Backcountry Snowmobiling’s base camp sits at 7,500 feet elevation, higher than any other company’s base camp in a canyon poised for perfect backcountry touring. Because of the company’s unique location, riders can tour through three different states, Idaho, Wyoming, and Utah, with inspiring views of the rugged Rocky Mountains for a genuine backcountry experience.

Riders can choose between two- or three-hour tours, and for larger groups or corporate events Backcountry Snowmobiling offers group and corporate rates. If you’re fresh in from warmer climates and not yet prepared for the cold, Backcountry had snowsuits, gloves, boots, and helmets for all sizes and ages. For an intimate ride into Utah’s hidden canyons, book a ride with your crew today.

Award-Winning Service

Rocky Mountain Outfitters is a year-round outdoor adventure company with years of experience and knowledge about Utah’s unique terrain. Located on a private ranch in Oakley, Utah, their expert guides have operated for years on this 9,000-acre ranch that offers diverse terrain and spectacular views.

In their long, illustrious time in the Weber Canyon area, Rocky Mountain Outfitters has been awarded the Best of Park City award for the care of their customers and the professional conduct they uphold while ripping through the backcountry. These are true professionals with truly reasonable rates. Call early to book a one-, two-, three-, or four-hour tour.

Although the ski lifts are an easy way to view some of the most exciting winter terrain in the world, there is no comparison for how deeply, and quickly, a snowmobile can get you into the backcountry. For about the same price as a lift ticket, any one of these companies can get you to secluded peaks and hidden valleys. Book now and prepare for the adrenaline rush.

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