Waste & Recycling

Reducing waste where we live becomes part of our daily routine. But when we travel and leave what’s familiar, following through on our sustainable habits can be a challenge. Here are some simple eco-conscious strategies you can integrate when traveling to and staying in Park City to minimize your impact on the environment we share.

Use Zero-Waste Toiletries

Reduce how many single-use bottles you use by adding reusable travel bottles when you pack for your lotions, face wash, and sunscreens. Biodegradable bamboo toothbrushes, shampoo, conditioner bars, and safety razors are also easy ways to pack light and minimize your footprint.

Pack Reusable Bags & Containers

Keep plastic out of landfills and skip those $4 bottles of water at the airport by using reusable coffee mugs and water bottles. Here’s a great resource to find local refill stations.

Make toting your things around town easier and more sustainable. Slide a slim, reusable bag or two into your suitcase before you leave and you’ll also eliminate all that extra plastic during your first big grocery store haul.

Skip the Paper

Downloading apps that digitize paper ski maps, bus routes, and plane tickets are simple ways to get paper out of circulation. In town, just say “no” to extra napkins and utensils when you’re ordering takeout. That includes asking for your receipt to be emailed to you instead of letting it be printed out. Everything counts!

Recycling in Park City/Summit County

Here’s a quick overview of Park City and Summit County recycling facts to make your simple and sustainable.

Curbside Bins

Park City curbside bins accept hard plastics (1-7), aluminum, non waxed paper, and cardboard.

Local Recycling Center

Please do not recycle soft plastics, such as grocery bags in your in-house bins. Instead, just bring these items to the local recycling center and where they’ll be sorted in the appropriate bins.

Hotel & Home Share Recycling Bins

During your stay, you’ll frequently find recycling bins in the hotel and home share lobbies or parking areas. To avoid contamination, remember to review and sort all materials. If you can’t find a designated bin for your item or are unsure if it can be recycled, please drop it off at Recycle Utah.

Recycling and Composting at Hotels and Home Shares

Hotels committed to sustainability may have a page explaining their recycling and composting policies on their website. If they don’t, here are some quick questions to ask to create a sustainable plan during your stay.

  • Does the hotel have a waste map?
  • Often, hotels will create a visual representation of the waste and recycling areas within the building that can educate you on where to bring your waste.
  • Does the hotel participate in a composting program? If so, where can I discard my food waste?
  • Is there a sustainability manager?
  • What materials are recycled in-house?
  • Where can I sort my waste?
  • Hotels with recycling programs often have separate recycling bins for various materials in the back or front lobby.

Rentals and Home Shares

Recycling varies from rental to rental. Here are some questions you can ask before you arrive so you understand how to dispose of your materials during your stay.

  • Do you participate in a composting program? If so, what is accepted?
    Depending on how they compost, different things may or may not be accepted. For example, bones are accepted in some commercial composting but not in personal systems due to the long decomposition process.
  • Do you have a recycling program or do you bring recyclables to the Recycle Center?
  • Do you have glass recycling containers?

Volunteering and Donations - Recycle Utah

Beyond recycling, Recycle Utah provides an avenue for people to participate in supporting Park City’s sustainable initiatives. Residents and visitors regularly volunteer at the recycling center. Volunteers are able to aid others in properly sorting their materials and the public is encouraged to participate in Recycle Utah’s frequent trash pick-ups.

Recycle Utah also collects a variety of items that can be reused in the community throughout the year. These include skis, bike tires and inner tubes during the winter and summer seasons and even athletic shoes and bras year-round. After being collected, the athletic shoes and bras are cleaned and sent to those in need. Cash donations are also accepted in jars around the center to aid with hard-to-recycle items and education programs.