A legacy we share—people who visit Park City are drawn to the beauty of the land, creative culture of our vibrant community, and sustainable values woven into the fabric of our town. Affordable housing, early childhood education, and transportation are just some of the projects we're working on to make Park City one of the best places to visit, live, and own and operate a business!

Six Steps to a Sustainable Park City

Keeping Park City a pristine place to visit and live requires all of us. So, please join in and enjoy the natural beauty of Park City and help preserve what makes the community we all love so very special. Taking these actions and more are what we call being Mountainkind—a way to be in Park City—allowing us to preserve and protect our town for generations to come!

2. Reusable vs. Single-Use

Reducing waste where we live becomes part of our daily routine. Using reusable items like canvas bags and water bottles helps preserve and protect our town. Here’s everything you need know.

3. Buy Local

To make progress on the goals of net-zero carbon and zero waste, Park City’s Sustainability departments have collaborated with Recycle Utah, Utah Clean Energy, and the Park City Chamber & Visitor’s Bureau to bring new resources and recognition for businesses.

4. Embrace our Heritage

From a rich Ute and Shoshone history and origins as a mining town to its Olympic legacy, explore Park City’s history and local heritage sites and discover how you can help safeguard our stories for future generations.

Stewardship In Park City