Zip Lines & Coasters in Park City

Park City has plenty to offer thrill seekers and adventurers who are ready for some action. Want to race through the mountain terrain or soar high above canyons and rivers? You can take a wild ride on Park City’s Alpine Coaster, sign up for a zipline tour, or race downhill in a bobsled.

Bobsledding on the 2002 Winter Olympics Track

Have you ever imagined being an Olympic athlete? At Comet Bobsled, you can feel like a true Olympian on the very same track where the bobsled, luge, and skeleton events were held during the 2002 Winter Olympics. 

Take a bobsled ride down the track with the Summer Bobsled Experience. The bobsleds are modified to roll down the concrete surface of the track and can fit three passengers. You’ll be piloted by a professional bobsledder as you race down the twists and turns at speeds of up to 60 mph. This ultimate bobsled experience is perfect for adrenaline junkies and Olympics fans alike.

Incredible Zipline Adventure Tours in Park City

With its flowing rivers and rugged mountain peaks, Park City is a popular destination for ziplining. There are plenty of companies offering zipline adventures, such as Flying Eagle Zipline, where you can soar 110 feet above scenic mountain ski trails at speeds of 45 mph on their ZipRider and Flying Eagle rides.

Utah Olympic Park’s Zip Tour features seven towers and a zipline that lets you fly 161 feet at 40 mph above the most scenic areas of the Olympic Park. The Zip Tour is open seven days a week during the summer, so you have plenty of opportunities to try it out.

Another company specializing in zipline experiences is Zipline Utah. A variety of different tours are available, including the Screaming Falcon Adventure Tour, the longest zipline course in the country which spans an incredible 3900 feet over Rainbow Bay. The Screaming Falcon Tour has a total of 10 ziplines and seven aerial bridges offering views of the Wasatch Mountains and Deer Creek Lake. Zipline Utah also has several shorter zipline tour options, which are perfect if your time is limited.

Park City’s Alpine Coaster

Mountains meet amusement park with Park City’s amazing Alpine Coaster, a thrilling and unique ride you must experience. The coaster features an elevated track that twists and turns over a mile of loops, curves, and turns, offering spectacular views of mountain scenery. Each car can fit two passengers, and you are responsible for driving the car over the track. If racing downhill through fields and mountain terrain appeals to you, then you don’t want to miss the Alpine Coaster.

These are some of the best options for Park City visitors who are looking to have thrilling and exhilarating experiences during their stay. If you want to ride a mountain coaster, soar on the longest zipline in the country, or race a bobsled on an Olympic track, you should definitely plan a visit to Park City.