Park City has an animated past and ambitious future and its story—of diverse residents and decades of challenge—deserves to be told. With a potential Winter Olympics announcement, robust environmental initiatives, and growth on the horizon, Park City’s meaning of place and impact on people’s lives has changed. 

In a Word, Mountainkind 

Every good brand needs a platform—ours is Mountainkind. This is a dynamic word that plays three roles: adjective, noun, and verb. Mountainkind is to take meaningful community action, promote stewardship, and be mindful of others and wildlife. Mountainkind combines our stewardship goals and initiatives into one effective term, allowing us to more easily communicate our culture and approach to living with visitors and locals alike.

A better representation of Park City now and in the future!

A Timeless Icon 

Our new emblem is a graphic icon featuring six P-style forms arranged in a circular pattern. If you see a snowflake or a flower, you’re right on. But look closer, designed with intersecting symmetrical lines, additional shapes highlight different elements of Park City: ski runs, a map of town, the spokes of a bike wheel, and even a ski boot. Like mountainkind, the emblem is dynamic with different levels of meaning that can be used to showcase Park City as the year-round destination that it truly is.

Park City in Color 

We live, work, and play in a vibrant place! From striking fall hues of red, yellow, and orange, pristine white in the winter, and the lush greens of our abundant summer foliage—our new palette reflects the organic color range you see in Park City year-round.  

We took our new color palette and combined it with our emblem and mountainkind verbiage to create badges and word marks that you’ll see around town, on our website and guest guides, the Summit Bike Share, our free transit system, and other places where we wish to place helpful, meaningful information. When you see these, you’ll know you’re part of the Mountainkind. 

A sample of our incredible and diverse color palette!

Intentional Change 

Creating a sense of place is a fundamentally human thing. The way we decorate our homes, whom we spend our time with, and how we engage our communities are all ways that define our sense of place and values. Park City is a canvas, with people painting this place in new ways since before town was incorporated in 1884. Before Park City was a silver town, it was a place of Ute, Shoshone, and other indigenous tribes. And now—not just a ski town but a year-round alpine destination wrapped in culture, heritage, and incredible people working to protect its past and future.

Change is inevitable and should be embraced with intent. With mountainkind, we are striving to help steer Park City into the future and encourage visitors and locals alike to treat this incredibly special place and each other with respect and stewardship!  

Park City's New Brand and Future!