Film Office

Welcome to the Park City Film Office. We’re here to assist you in making your next project in Park City and Summit County, Utah, a success. The Film Office can provide you with:

  • High-resolution B-roll of the local area
  • Location assistance
  • Assistance with permitting
  • Information on technical crews, talent, accommodations, and local services
  • Coordination and facilitation of filming at city, county, state, and private properties
  • Liaison between the production company, the community, and government agencies

Let the Park City Film Office help make your next project a success. Let us help you determine the best location for your next project, connect you with the correct permitting agencies, and guide you through a seamless experience.

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Contact us at Jennifer@visitparkcity.com

Why choose Park City & Summit County for your next project?

Welcome to the cinematic haven nestled in the heart of the Rockies – Park City and Summit County, Utah, where awe-inspiring landscapes meet unparalleled creative energy. As the backdrop for countless award-winning films, Park City and Summit County has become the ultimate playground for filmmakers seeking an immersive and visually stunning canvas for their next project.

Park City and Summit County offer a diverse range of settings, from picturesque mountain vistas to charming historic streets, providing the perfect backdrop for any storyline. The vibrant cultural scene, coupled with a welcoming community of artists, filmmakers, service providers, and world-class hospitality, fosters an environment where creativity knows no bounds.

Immerse your production in the unique atmosphere of the Sundance Film Festival's hometown, where innovation and artistic expression are celebrated year-round. With state-of-the-art facilities, experienced crews, hair and makeup experts and a plethora of resources, Park City and Summit County provide the ideal infrastructure for bringing your vision to life.

Top Ten Reasons to Film in Park City

For filming within Park City Municipal limits, click here for Park City Film Permit information. Or contact Heather Weinstock at heather.weinstock@parkcity.org.

For filming within Summit County, click here for Summit County film permit information, or contact Tyler Orgill at torgill@summitcounty.org.

Is your property available for film, television, and commercial production? Learn how to list your property in the Film Locations Database.


Tell us more about your production so we can better support you. Submit a Production Inquiry Form

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