The Shop is not your average yoga studio. It’s a hidden gem and a cozy sanctuary nestled into the Historic Old Town neighborhood in Park City. Since its inception in 1997, The Shop has been weaving its charm through the community, by not only offering yoga classes but also by hosting a variety of special events. Once you step inside The Shop, you'll instantly feel the magic, as it’s not just about yoga but community, “kula” as its called in sanskrit, and about creating unforgettable moments for wellbeing.

The Shop offers classes for all skill levels. The proficient instructors infuse their expertise and genuine passion and cover a wide range of styles. You'll find classes rooted in the philosophy of Anusara Yoga which emphasizes alignment and controlling the breath; but also offering practices grounded or influenced by Ashtanga, Vinyasa flow,  Pranayama, Meditation, Tai Chi, dance as well as other styles and practices. The Shop is intent on supporting a community that celebrates life in all its many expressions, and through the practices they offer, all teachers and students become a link in yoga’s authentic chain of wisdom.


  • What: The Shop Yoga Studio - All Levels Yoga Class
  • Where: 1167 Woodside Avenue, Park City, Utah
  • When: Weekly on Tuesdays at 11:30 am - 12:30 pm
  • Who: An all levels yoga class for people of all ages and abilities


  • Drop-in: $15
  • 5 Pass: $90
  • 10 Pass: $170
  • 20 Pass: $300
  • Local Pass: 10 classes, $120

How The Shop Started

The story of The Shop is a journey of transformation—from a neglected building in disrepair to a vibrant yoga refuge and events center. It's a place where magic happens, connections are made, and the community comes together to experience the goodness within themselves and each other. The Shop’s owner, David Belz's journey in Park City began in the '70s, like most people who came out West, searching for powder and ski partners, and now his connection to the community runs deep.

When David Belz first laid eyes on the old bus barn on Woodside Avenue over 30 years ago, it had been on the market for nearly a decade. According to records from the Park City Historical Society and Museum, the historic brick building was built in 1936 as the Park City High School Mechanical Arts Building. Students who attended auto mechanics and sculpture classes called it "The Shop." Later, the school district called it "The Bus Barn," using it to store school buses. Originally an architect and devout martial artist, the dilapidated building and its wide open floor plan captured Belz’s imagination where he envisioned creating a space that not only included his office but also combined his love for martial arts and yoga.

When Belz purchased the building in 1995, a comprehensive renovation was embarked upon in 1996, preserving the original structure and incorporating his unique touch. The result was a lively space with concrete floors, yellow-tinted walls, and a zen garden next door. The Shop now holds a spot on the National Register of Historic Places, a testament to its rich history and transformation.

Belz established The Shop to provide the a space for martial arts, including some yoga classes—a realm where he could passionately share what brought him joy. Through a new found interest in Anusara Yoga, David had some incredible, energetic moments that deeply touched him, and he said, “When something impacts you so profoundly, it's hard not to feel compelled to share it with others in an almost evangelical way”. The practices go beyond physical movements and cultivate a sense of community that continues to thrive and has been a beacon of positive energy and wellness in Park City.

Yoga Classes and Special Events 

The Shop is unique in that it is not a hot studio, as many have become. Their wide-ranging class offerings are designed to accommodate all age groups, embracing individuals at every level, and are available every day of the week—except Saturdays, which are reserved for renting out their space for special events.

The Shop’s huge open room is not just for yoga; it's an intimate space perfect for weddings, parties, and all kinds of events. The studio has not only become a sanctuary for yoga enthusiasts but also a favorite spot for Sundance-related events supporting filmmakers, and the accompanying local and global communities. The Shop is usually closed during the two weeks of Sundance to accommodate these types of affairs. Special events, particularly those centered around wellness and yoga, have become a significant highlight for The Shop. These include cacao ceremonies, ecstatic dance, half day yoga retreats, sound baths, Mountain Town Music events, and musical healing sessions featuring their state-of-the-art sound system. With a full kitchen on-site, cooking demonstrations and the potential to offer tasty, healthy food at events are also part of the experience.

But that's not all—every month The Shop features a donation class, going back to their roots as a donation-based business, where they shine a spotlight on one of their fantastic instructors. And all donations go straight to a charity of their choice. The next donation class is anticipated for March!

Private sessions are a significant aspect of The Shop's offerings, taking place in the studio or the garden during the warmer months. One-on-ones, bachelorette parties, and other private affairs are catered to, either at the venue or at the client's location.

Also The Shop’s accessibility is key, as many locals in the Old Town area find it convenient to simply stroll over. The Shop's commitment to offering a variety of experiences, from public classes to private sessions and special events, makes it a versatile and inclusive space for the community.

An Authentic Yoga Experience in Park City

Stepping into The Shop Yoga Studio in the heart of Park City is like entering a peaceful oasis where wellness and community harmoniously intertwine. I love the historical Old Town feel of this studio and how spacious and open it is. I appreciate that The Shop isn't a hot yoga studio, and how the regular temperature suits my practice better. As I settled onto my mat in the all-levels yoga class, I could definitely sense the spiritual energy that permeates around the space—from the high ceilings to the hindu deity scupltures at the front of the room. 

Our instructor Lauren’s two dogs accompanied us for our morning session. Leading us through a transformative practice, Lauren effortlessly merged breath, movement, and mindfulness. As our postures shifted, the pups settled into their own serene savasana poses. Lauren offered a light hearted approach to yoga that wasn’t too stiff, and I really enjoyed the expressive breathwork we did to help get the stagnant energy get flowing a bit more.

Beyond the physical benefits of a good stretch, The Shop Yoga Studio offered a holistic experience aimed at rejuvenating both body and spirit. It was casual, welcoming, and I could really tell that The Shop was a community destination by the way the other students interacted with Lauren and each other. I’ll definitely be back to check out more of their class offerings and events!