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Utah Stories is about promoting and protecting the power of the individual. It’s our belief that The Internet can become a means for individual voices to be heard through all of the clutter, spin and noise in the current media setting. It’s our mission to promote and highlight individuality in a world becoming more homogeneous. To this end, we highlight individual success stories and promote the home grown culture found in Utah. Utah Stories’ mission is also to help protect local business when special interest, government or corporate power, come to assume control. We call this debugging society. We have found a true niche in Utah for local coverage truly working in the best interests of local business owners and local residents. In order to ensure that our coverage remains truly independent and for the good of the local community, we only accept sponsors or advertisers who reside in Utah. It’s our goal to produce stories with meaning that help promote and sustain the threads of local community. Communities that are aware of policies and stories that affect their lives, are much stronger than those communities that are apathetic or believe their individual voices or votes can’t make a difference.
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