Soul Salt

Salt Lake City, UT

Everyone faces fear. A business owner can let their unique fears take over. Should they take a risk, hire more employees and pursue potential opportunities, or decide to play it safe and steady? What’s the right choice to make...and how much time do you have to make it? An employee can face a similar fear. Should they go for a promotion, look for a new job? Should they take on added responsibility, and risk the present relationship that they have with their co-workers? Are they risking the security their present job provides to themselves and their family? What would you do when confronting your fear during a critical moment in your life? Would you really be able to make the best decision, the right decision? Decisiveness is an essential characteristic of a leader. These fears plague us at some point in our lives. It’s how you determine to face fear, and to overcome it, that makes the difference. SoulSalt is the Solution Salt plays a critical role in the maintenance of our bodies. Muscles and nerves depend on it to keep them operational and healthy. Salt improves our sleep and improves recovery and rest. Without salt, our nervous systems would quickly shut down. But what about the salt that your soul and spirit crave? SoulSalt is what our team refers to as the mental fortitude to overcome life’s challenges. Through a positive mindset, the practice and training of our brains, and the motivation to push through any challenge, your soul and spirit can break through incredible barriers. Through your own personal development and coaching, you can learn to reframe daunting personal or professional obstacles. You can knock them down from mountains of tough granite to manageable rocks to sidestep and pass by. In short, you can learn how to be a badass.
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