Maker Union

1700 Park Ave Suite 2007, Park City, UT 84060


Dream it. It all begins with a little girl from the other side of the world. As we learned about her abilities, we soon realized her path was not going to be ordinary. Thinking ahead to life post high school, we wanted to provide a safe and meaningful center of employment for not only her but her peers. Many people with disabilities are seeking an opportunity to work, earn a wage and be a part of a greater community. Build it. Our unique community in Park City Utah provides us with resources to assist in supporting this workforce as well as a tourism, ski and hospitality industry to leverage. The initial employment opportunity is offering a range of gift bundles for sale. This workforce will design, develop, source, assemble and deliver these unique gift bundles. Grow it. As we fund the initial concept of employment, we plan to reinvest into the mission and create multiple opportunities of trade, vocation and service to the community. Employees will have the opportunity to expand their skill set and grow as individuals bringing their newly acquired skills to a new division of Maker Union or out into the world.

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