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Exclusive Excursions Transportation

Exclusive Excursions Transportation

  • 435.640.2907

Exclusive Excursions offers airport transportation, ski resort transfer and private bus rental. We have a fleet of luxury SUVs and a limo-styled minibus that includes rear storage compartment, TV and DVD player, and 19 forward facing seats. Bus is available for charter services and can be rented to transport your guests comfortably around town, to ski resorts, to Salt Lake City or anything else. The bus can also be rented for on call service at an hourly rate. The fleet of luxury SUVs can offer the same services.

For airport arrivals, bring a copy of your home newspaper and receive a $10 credit!

Transportation Services
  • Scheduled Service to Park City:
  • Private Transfer:
  • Charter Bus Service:
  • Sightseeing Tours:
  • Limousine Service:
  • Taxi Service:
  • Airport to Park City: