Bridge 21 Park City

P O Box 982642, Park City, UT 84098


Bridge21 Park City recognizes the isolation crisis individuals with disabilities face while approaching adulthood. Opportunities are growing within the Park City community for this population. However, there are not enough Neurodiverse Housing options. We believe Park City and Summit County are ready to build a more inclusive community and Bridge21 seeks to create a network of bridges connecting individuals with disabilities to local housing. Ultimately, Bridge21 aims to build a Neurodiverse Co-Housing neighborhood. Bridge21 is creating neurodiverse housing for the Park City community. Our goal is to help neurodiverse adults acquire appropriate housing within Park City and Summit County. Bridge21 advocates for accessible housing options that meet the individual's needs situating them within the broader community. Bridge21 has a long-term vision of creating a CoHousing Neighborhood, designed and built close enough to utilize public transportation and with enough land to cultivate a community garden, green space, employment options, and common areas to support social opportunities.

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