3 Springs Land & Livestock’s

580 W Weber Canyon Rd, Oakley, UT 85055


3 Springs Land and Livestock is a holistic ranch operation raising pastured poultry and grass-finished beef. Our animals are moved daily to fresh pasture to ensure high quality feed, to naturally fertilize the ground with their manure, and to help the land have time to recover between grazes.

Our management results in less water needed, more water stored, more carbon sequestered, and a more nutrient rich animal protein. We operate in the Kamas Valley, East of Park City established by three founders from three families dedicated to building resilient landscapes and communities.

There is a narrative that agriculture is ruining the planet, but there is also a way for agriculture to be a benefit to the planet and people. We want to share our practices and open our ranch to the public to connect with their food and the land.

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