Vacation planning typically centers around human activities—where to dine out, find a spa, or listen to live music. But what about the four-legged members of your family? When you visit Park City, your fur babies don’t have to sit on the sidelines. 

Off-leash parks in Park City provide an opportunity for good dogs to socialize, explore, and exercise—while their humans do the same as well! And the fun doesn’t have to end when you leash them up. Bring them along to one of these dog-friendly restaurants for a full day of pup-friendly activities and grab a bite to eat nearby.

Run-a-Muk & Hugo Coffee

Ideal for more adventurous dogs whose humans are also looking to get some steps in, Run-a-Muk boasts two miles of marked trails on a hillside with 43 acres (yes, you read that correctly) of fenced-in space. You and your furry friend can hike through various types of vegetation and aspen woods, admire views of the Utah Olympic Park ski jumps, and meet plenty of other dogs along the path.

After your dog has, well, “run a muk,” head to Hugo Coffee Shop, for lunch. Dogs are welcome inside the space, which also conveniently houses the Park City Visitor Center. For a feel-good bonus, Hugo donates 10% of profits to local animal rescues, like Nuzzles and Co.

Run-a-Muk provides two miles of hilly trails and 43 fenced-in acres for dogs and owners alike to enjoy.

Library Field & Lucky Ones Coffee

Next to Park City’s public library, this open-field-turned-dog park provides an ideal space for pups to play, as well as kids and adults, too! Note that this dog park is not fenced in, so you’ll want to ensure your dog has good recall and doesn’t tend to wander off.

For the perfect pick-me-up, Lucky Ones Coffee just happens to be adjacent to the dog park, on the bottom floor of the library. Employing people with disabilities, Lucky Ones serves up delicious coffee drinks and teas, as well as breakfast and lunch paninis made with Red Bicycle Bread. It’s an ideal spot to sit and relax, or work remotely, while your pup plays.

Library Field is a popular spot for dogs to play, while their humans enjoy a coffee or tea at the adjacent Lucky Ones Coffee shop.

Willow Creek Dog Park & Hill’s Kitchen

Off of Old Ranch Road, Willow Creek Dog Park offers a two-for-one experience for your canine companions. There’s one large fenced-in grassy area spanning 24,000 square feet, as well as a separate fenced-in area with a pond where water-loving dogs can jump in and swim. There’s ample space for the dogs to run around and play, as well as shaded seating for their humans.

When your pup has dried off from his aquatic adventures, drive down the road to Kimball Junction to grab a bite at Hill’s Kitchen, which is a local hotspot for breakfast and lunch. There’s a good amount of seating outside where you can enjoy a coffee, smoothie, or sandwich—and don’t forget to grab a treat for your pup, too.

If your pup loves water, a visit to Willow Creek Dog Park is a must! Photo: Basin Rec

Quinn’s Junction Dog Park & Five5eeds

A bit off the typical tourist areas, the off-leash dog park at Quinn’s Junction offers a large, sandy space where dogs can play and socialize. Near the Round Valley trail system, this park gives your pup a chance to romp around and expend any extra energy they still have after a hike.

Afterward, head down Kearns Boulevard to visit Five5eeds, an Aussie café with an excellent coffee bar and filling yet healthy meals—think: avocado toast, shakshouka, pulled pork benedict, and many other mouth-watering options. There’s a large patio where your pup can relax in the shade.

Hit the Quinn’s Junction Dog Park before or after a hike at Round Valley or just to get some extra playtime in.

Deer Valley Lakeside Trails & Grocery Café

While not technically a dog park, Deer Valley’s Lakeside Trail is a picturesque paradise for pups who love water. The trail is a short, one-mile loop with fantastic views of the resort in both summer and winter. Look out for paddle-boarders in the summer months—it’s also a popular spot for SUP.

Located lakeside, Deer Valley Café overlooks the trails and provides a large, shaded patio that’s perfect for your dog to chill out after a walk. Choose from a selection of grab-and-go items, or go for one of their delicious daily special salads and sandwiches.

The Lakeside Trail in Deer Valley offers an easy one-mile loop with ponds where your pup can cool off in the summer.

Round Valley & Salt Box

With over 50 miles of dog-friendly trails, Round Valley provides perhaps the most expansive designated  off-leash area for pups in Park City. Be aware that it's also a popular spot for mountain biking, so your dog should have good recall if he's off-leash. Also, without a lot of tree cover, the trails can get very hot in the summer months, be sure to bring plenty of water for your dog and yourself.

Grab breakfast before or after your hike at Salt Box, located in the Prospector Square neighborhood. This cozy little restaurant offers delicious gourmet food options, which you can enjoy with your dog on their fabulous shaded back patio! 


Your dog will love exploring the 2,100 acres of rolling terrain in the Round Valley trail system.

Where Are You Playing Fetch?

Ok, now you know about all the best dog parks in Park City! So, which one are you going to take your furry best bud to first? Please remember, good dogs are welcome at all these parks; always have your pup in control and clean up their waste. Park City provides poop bags and dog waste bins throughout town, including most trailheads! Remember—there is NO poop fairy!