Looking for a simple outdoor adventure that will help you beat the heat this summer? Head over to Park City SUP to enjoy the water, the incredible views of Deer Valley, and the amazing food next door at the Deer Valley Grocery Cafe

About Park City SUP

Park City SUP is located at Pebble Beach at Deer Valley. The entire business is small and intimate and the staff was fantastic at getting my very excited and wild kids all geared up in life jackets and paddleboards. Best of all, we love that it’s just a few minutes from Main Street and that the Deer Valley Grocer and Cafe is right next to it for the perfect lunch stop. It’s the perfect in town adventure that completely embodies the Park City mountain feeling!

Learning to Paddleboard at Park City SUP

If you’ve never been on a stand-up paddleboard, then this is the place to go. The pond is small and calm, making it the perfect place to try the sport for the first time. If you’re feeling really uneasy, paddleboarding lessons are available here. If you’re comfortable in the water and have a moderate level of fitness, you may be fine without a lesson. If you’re nervous or having a difficult time keeping your balance on a paddleboard, try kneeling on the board instead of standing. Also, remember to let the staff know if it’s your first time trying paddleboarding so they can help you with any problems.

Park City SUP With Kids

When I took my family for an afternoon on the water at Park City SUP, I’ll admit that I was a bit nervous. I was on my own with all of my kids and it can be hard to keep an eye on everyone while they’re on the water. Luckily, the setup of the pond was perfect for letting the kids have freedom paddleboarding AND  allowing me to still keep an eye on everyone easily. Even from shore, I could see almost every part of the water (except the small backside of the island), and it gave me the reassurance that I could let my kids paddle around the pond without being accompanied by me the whole time. The set-up here is perfect for families since it allowed some of the kids to be playing on the beach or swimming while others were paddleboarding, but all were still close together. 

The paddleboards that they have at Park City SUP are really stable and easy to maneuver, and even my 7-year-old could paddle around without a problem. Honestly, I find that paddleboarding is easier for kids than it is for adults in many cases. If you have multiple kids, consider putting two people on a board together, and if you feel unstable, you can always sit down or kneel while you paddle to lower your center of gravity. 

If you’re planning on bringing kids to Park City SUP, I recommend an hour of paddling kayaks and SUP around the pond and another hour just playing around the beach area. There is a huge grassy sloping hill next to the pond which is perfect for running around and playing on, a corn hole game for kids to enjoy, and the water near the shore is perfect for wading or a short swim.

Insider Tips For Visiting Park City SUP

As with most things in Park City, if you want to avoid the crowds, try and visit midweek if possible. They have a pretty large fleet of paddleboards, but during peak times they do rent them all out and it can get a bit crowded on the water. First thing in the morning (10 am) or just before closing (4 pm for a 5 pm-close) are also less crowded times to visit. If you have a family, consider sharing rentals or taking turns. I paired my older and younger kids together since it’s really easy to fit 2 people on a paddleboard so that everyone could spend more time on the water together (just make sure to rent extra life jackets if doing this). We found that it works out well to have 1 paddleboard for every 2 people so you can share and take turns. 

Deer Valley Grocery Cafe

The Deer Valley Grocery Cafe is hands down the best place to eat if you’re planning on visiting Park City SUP. The grocery cafe is in the Deer Valley Plaza building and when the weather’s good, plan on eating outside on the patio as you overlook the pond. The views are absolutely stunning and the service is incredible. If you’re wanting to enjoy lunch while you hang out at Pebble Beach, just let the staff know and they’ll bring your lunch right out to the beach for you. 

The cafe is open from 8 am-3:30 pm making it great for breakfast, lunch, or a tasty treat. 

We stopped in for lunch before we paddle boarded and everyone absolutely loved their meals. The kids' grilled cheese was the obvious winner with the younger kids, and the BLT was big and hearty enough to completely fill up our teenage boy (and the maple pepper bacon was perfection). Whatever you decide to order, make sure to get dessert to go along with it. After sampling a few desserts, our family decided that the carrot cake cupcake was the absolute best dessert in the cafe, and should probably be ordered by every visitor.

Getting to Park City SUP

Park City SUP is located on the backside of Deer Valley Plaza, just a 2 minute drive up Deer Valley Drive from Main Street. Park in the parking lot of Deer Valley Plaza and head around to the backside of the building to the pond and Pebble Beach.

Park City SUP Costs

If you want a short taste of paddleboarding, renting a paddleboard at Park City SUP for an hour is plenty of time to paddle around the pond at Deer Valley. If you are looking for activities to fill more time, try out a One Wheel for a while, and don’t forget to stop in for lunch at the Deer Valley Grocery Cafe.

Open 10am-5pm June- September

1-Hour SUP Rental: $25

1-Hour giant SUP Rental: $50

Extra Life Jackets: $5

1-Hour One Wheel Rental: $35 

1-Hour One Wheel Lesson: $50