In the third episode of Park City First Timers, Makena heads to the Homestead Crater with Park City Yoga Adventures for a one-of-a-kind paddleboard yoga experience. The Homestead Crater is a 10,000-year-old geothermal spring, located within a beehive-shaped limestone rock, with its waters ranging from 90-96 degrees Fahrenheit.

Makena begins her adventure by meeting Julia, owner of Park City Yoga Adventures, to gear up and learn the basics of practicing yoga atop a paddleboard. From there, she gets her feet wet (literally), as Julia guides her through a paddleboard Vinyasa routine. Together, they flow through yoga poses like downward dog, warrior and runner’s lunge — all with the added challenge of balancing on a paddleboard.

And when things don’t go perfectly as planned, Makena takes advantage of the crater’s warm, mineral-rich water.

Watch the full episode below and explore more about paddleboard yoga with Park City Yoga Adventures. Stay tuned for the next episode, when Makena tries dogsledding with Lunas Lobos