Navigating winter weather can be tricky, especially for those who’ve never been to a winter climate like Park City, Utah before.  Worry not— if it’s your first time to a mountain town, we have you covered.  Follow these tips and you’ll be more comfortable, warmer, and happier in chilly and snowy weather.  And, might we add, you don’t have to ditch style to stay warm.

Dress in layers – both on the slopes and off. More layers = more temperature control. You can take a layer off if you get warm and add a layer when you get cold. Being overdressed (without the option to shed a layer) can make you sweat, thus damp and cold.  Additionally, make sure the layer closest to your body isn’t cotton. Instead, try a quick-dry polyester or merino wool that will dry more quickly.

Layers are a good thing, right? Yes, except for on your feet.  Contrary to popular belief, one pair of socks is warmer than layering two pairs.  Two pairs of socks worn together are often too tight in your shoes or boots, and added pressure can cut the circulation off to your feet and toes. Try a merino wool sock – they’re comfortable and wool helps manage moisture in the sock as it simultaneously repels and absorbs.  For those who get cold easily, toe warmers can be added to your boots or shoes – they’re not strictly used for skiing!

Dehydration occurs in cold weather, too.  We often associate dehydration with desert-like, hot conditions, but you can also become dehydrated in cold temperatures, especially at altitude where the air is dry.  Staying hydrated is key to avoiding altitude sickness.  The town of Park City sits at roughly 7,000 feet, so drink plenty of water and eat water-rich fruits and veggies to stay hydrated. If you’re going to imbibe, try to drink a glass of water in between alcoholic beverages – you’ll thank us in the morning.  

Wear sunscreen. Sunscreen, even when it's cloudy, protects your skin and prevents sunburn.  Remember to use sunscreen (and chapstick with SPF) if you’ll be spending a lot of time on the slopes, walking around town, or adventuring.  Additionally, the sun is strong throughout the winter in Park City and reflects off of the snow.  It's a great idea to wear sunglasses to protect your eyes.

If it’s your first time to a snowy climate, chances are your wardrobe doesn’t include the outerwear you might want.  Why buy a jacket or ski pants for one specific trip? JANS Mountain Outfitters offers outdoor clothing rentals, making for a worry-free trip preparation and a lighter suitcase.

Skip the rental car. If you’ve never driven in snow before, why start now? There are great shuttle and car services offering rides from the Salt Lake City International Airport to Park City, and lodging properties often provide rides throughout town.  Park City also offers a free transit system, making it easy to navigate town and to get to both Park City Mountain and Deer Valley resorts with ease. Check out the MyStop Mobile phone app, which gives real-time bus and transit information.

Pick shoes that are made of waterproof materials and offer some traction.  A more rugged shoe sole will keep you upright while walking along Park City’s snowy streets. Waterproof shoes will keep your feet dry and comfortable.