Before punching her ticket to her first Olympics and winning World Cups, Haley Batten grew up riding in Park City. Haley's path to racing at the highest level was cut into the local hills and at her own two wheels—the vast network of trails right here in town. These longs stretches of velvety dirt were her original inspiration and allowed her to grow into the competitor she is today. She knew from a young age that she wanted to compete at the highest level and got that chance in 2020, representing the U.S. in the Tokyo Olympics. She'll get it again in just a couple of weeks in the Paris games. And now on the eve of her second Olympics, Haley has the support of her hometown, memories of mountain biking in Park City, and the young women she inspires to follow in her footsteps. 

Spring Mix

May in Park City brings out some of our environment's most dynamic weather: wind, ominous clouds, rain, maybe a bit of extra snow. Mornings are cool, afternoons can be hot. This mixed bag of conditions is split with windows of calm air, sunshine, and mild temps.

It's also a time of green and white—as the lower elevation trails dry out, they explode with shades of rich green grasses and leafing bushes while the snow caps up high remind us to reflect on winter and the year-round reasons we live, visit, and play in Park City.