Though many Olympic Game venues fall to disrepair after the torch goes out, the legacy and amusement of the 2002 Olympic Winter Games remain vibrant. Framed by the Wasatch Mountains, the Utah Olympic Park sits proudly in Park City, Utah. Year-round, travelers will find an assortment of activities that range from leisurely to downright exciting!

Getting there

The Utah Olympic Park is just a 35-minute drive from the international airport in Salt Lake City, Utah. There are a variety of transportation options to reach Park City, home of the Olympic Park. Once you’re here, public transportation is free and makes for easy transit between the Olympic Park, restaurants, shopping, and lodging.

For the adrenaline junkies

Ride in a bobsled

Without a doubt, one of the most unique and fun experiences at the Utah Olympic Park is shooting down the bobsled track with a trained professional. This thrilling and extreme experience is unique to Park City, and one of the only places in the world that you can sign up to take the ride of your life! Visiting in the summer? No problem, you can still race down the track in a sled equipped with wheels.

Tube a ski jump

Another exciting experience at the Olympic Park is tubing down the ski jump landing hill in the summertime. You start by riding the lift up the mountain, giving you a grand perspective over the track below. The exhilarating ride will leave you breathless, and just when you think you’re going to lose all control, the ride flattens out on the grass.

Zip Line

Soar down one of the steepest zip lines in the country! Flying quickly through the air, you’ll feel just like you’re moving as fast as an Olympic ski jumper.

On the tamer side

Wander through the two free museums at the Utah Olympic Park. Memorabilia from the 2002 Olympic Winter Games decorates the walls, and there are heaps of interactive exhibits and virtual reality experiences in this state-of-the-art museum. The Alf Engen Ski Museum highlights the skiing history in the intermountain region. With so much education and entertainment in the museums, they are perfect for all types of visitors, especially families.

Also free to visitors is the Discovery Zone at the Olympic Park. This area is designated for youngsters who want to try out the climbing wall or explore the playground structures.

It’s as if the athletes never left

One of the best leisure experiences at the Olympic Park is kicking back and watching Olympic athletes train. Athletes from around the world soar off ski jumps during the winter, and even hit jumps in the summer, landing in a pool or massive inflatable pad. Watching these athletes, hearing all the different languages, and participating as a spectator really bring the Games back to life.

Seeing the way the Olympic Park has continued to thrive almost 20 years after the Winter Olympics is inspirational! Even if you choose to hike, bike, ski, or snowshoe the miles of trails surrounding the Olympic Park, you’ll be delighted with the scenery and imagining what it was like here during that historic winter of 2002.