Rafting is Better with a Guide 

Arriving at the launch site (“put in” for more seasoned river folk) you will check in, get fitted for your personal floatation device, and listen to a comprehensive safety talk. Don’t be nervous! You’re in some of the safest hands on the river. ASA’s guide training program is extensive; operating like a driver's education course. Guides-in-training spend three days minimum learning the river’s nuances by shadowing a veteran guide. Then, they partake in a “river test” where they lead a group with a veteran guide on board to assist—should they need help. After passing that, they’re on their way to providing an awesome day on the Weber with guests! 

ASA has special permitting, and you will get to float an additional 2.5 - 3 miles of river, including three Class II rapids, before reaching the public put-in. You can expect to be on the river for about 2 – 2.5 hours, depending on the flow of the water.  

Safety first always with All Seasons Adventures!

On the River 

Rafting on the Weber is a mixture of fun splashy Class II rapids amidst moments of peace and tranquility as you gently float down the river. In early June, the river flows fast and high due to the snowmelt from the mountains and an abundance of spring rain, making our trip only about 1.5 hours. If you prefer a tamer, longer experience, consider booking later in the summer.  

Tranquil mountain and foliage scenes the whole way!

If you’re a true adventure seeker and you’re given the opportunity to ‘ride the bull’, take it. By sitting on the nose of the raft with your legs hanging off the sides, you’ll hold only the bowline for stability as your partners paddle through a rapid. Put one hand in the air, like a cowboy, and you’re riding the bull! 

Alex teeing up the rapid from the bull . . .
. . . but couldn't hang on!

Along the River 

In the calmness, search for wildlife along the riverbank and keep your eyes peeled for bald eagles—we saw three! You’ll also see grazing animals, fields of alfalfa, and other crops along the riverbank, showcasing the farming and ranch life of the residents who’ve lived in Hennefer for centuries. 

Ranching and farming is alive and well along the Weber River!

As you approach the end of your ride, you’ll see an unusual geological feature known as the Devils Slide. The slide is made of two parallel weather-resistant limestone rocks with about 25 feet in between, both towering nearly 40 feet high and stretching hundreds of feet up the hillside. The space in between is comprised of softer rock that erodes more quickly, forming the chute and creating a slide feature. Just in case you were itching for a quick science lesson before wrapping up your day. 

An incredible geological formation to see along the river!

Move Your Trip to the High Side

Booking a rafting experience with ASA is the perfect way to beat the heat with family, friends, or colleagues, and it’s an incredibly convenient half day experience. Trips begin at 9:30 am, 1:00 pm, or 4:30 pm. Private or customizable trips are available, including the option to add lunch provided by Savoury Kitchen, and/or receive transportation to/from Park City, which is about 45 minutes from the launch site!

Boats at the ready for your rafting trip!