On a cloudless night with a full moon, snow pops in a grey-white hue that is surreal to see. The air is fresh, cold, and crisp. The environment is of solace. This isn’t Main Street—this is Homerun at Park City Mountain—and you’re walking up the mountain on skis.  

Park City has an uphill travel policy. This means that users are permitted to ski tour on the mountain on designated routes during specific hours. This is an excellent opportunity to get some exercise in the morning or night and get a lap (or two) if you didn’t have a chance to ski that day. Plus, if you’re new to touring, it’s a safer environment than backcountry terrain.  

If you’re already familiar with ski touring, we’ve added the details below, or you can check out Park City Mountain’s Uphill Policy.  

  • Hours: Nightly 6:00 p.m. - 8:30 a.m. beginning December 14th 

  • Route: Uphill travel is permitted on the Park City Mountain Village side, up Homerun trail from the bottom of First Time Lift up to the Angle Station (by the top terminal of Town Lift). Downhill, you can ski Treasure Hollow and Homerun. 

  • Dogs: Not allowed 

However, if you have experience with alpine skiing and are interested in touring, there are a few things you should know.  

Photo Credit: Ross Downard & White Pine Touring

Safety First 

While you’re free to tour on the mountain during the off hours, there are no ski patrollers on the hill. It’s recommended to bring a first aid kit, headlamp, water, and a snack. And make sure your cell phone is charged in case you need to call emergency services. 

The Gear 

The equipment is referred to as Alpine Touring or A.T. for short. The skis have added functionality in the boot and binding to allow your foot to pivot on your toe. Adding a “skin” to the bottom of your ski provides grip on the snow allowing you to walk up the mountain. The boots also have a “walk mode” with an enhanced range of motion that makes movement feel more natural. 

If you don’t have your own alpine touring gear, you can rent skis, boots, and skins from White Pine Touring. These guys are experts and will set you up with everything you need and give you a tutorial on how to use it.  

Photo Credit: Ross Downard & White Pine Touring

What To Wear 

Ski touring is an aerobic sport. Walking up hill, even on the coldest nights, will make you sweat. You might want to refrain from using your insulated ski jacket, but instead layer up with a baselayer, light midlayer, and a shell. Light gloves are nice too. Bring your warmer ski gloves and an extra layer for the ski down. 

Find a Group 

Park City’s Uphill Policy is a great introduction to ski touring. It’s a relatively safe activity for intermediate and expert skiers, but it’s a sport where you’ll want an extra set of eyes. The equipment can be complicated the first time you use it and finding the proper stride is important to help you glide and grip on the snow.  

Offset Bier hosts a free group skin every Thursday. Meet them at the bottom of First Time chairlift at 6:00 p.m. with a friend and set off up the mountain. You'll have lots of people around you for added safety too. After you ski down, head to their brewery for some free grub and one of their many palate-pleasing brews.  

Don’t Forget to Après  

It’s not skiing unless you sit back and enjoy a drink after, right? When you’re at the bottom of Home Run, hoof it over to the bus stop and grab a free ride up to Main Street for libations at your bar of choice. We recommend Collies, Butchers, and High West as they’re lower down and won’t require too much walking in ski boots. Or you can head east from the Park City Mountain parking lots to The Boneyard for good food, massive T.V.’s and a huge list of adult beverages.  

Photo Credit: Ross Downard & White Pine Touring