When visiting Park City, a stop (or ride) at the Utah Olympic Park is a must. Only a few places in the world, allow people to experience an Olympic bobsled track. For some, experiencing “G-Force” turns may not be appealing, but for others, it’s a thrill of a lifetime. 

The Details

What: The Bobsled Experience - Winter

Where: Utah Olympic Park

Who: Riders must be 16+ years of age and 100+ lbs. to ride

When: Winter and Summer – Reservation strongly recommended

The Experience

It is strongly recommended to book your ticket for the Bobsled experience in advance, as only a limited amount are available each day. When you arrive at Utah Olympic Park, you will check-in at the front desk, sign a waiver, and wait for the rest of the group to arrive and sign in. If this is your first time at Utah Olympic Park, it is a great opportunity to look around and see the exhibits. 

a bobsled in the lobby of Utah Olympic Park

Then, as a group, you will be given your first orientation and assigned a group number. There are three people to a group and everyone rides with an experienced driver. During my experience, the staff member stated to our group that “It’s an aggressive ride” multiple times. Which added to the excitement, but also allowed people another moment to decide if they wanted to continue with the experience.

Also, guests who are not participating in the bobsled experience, but are with someone who is, can join the entire time. Including riding up to the end of the track to be there when their family or friends finish.

People standing around while two people unload a bobsled off the track

After the first orientation, the groups will load into a bus and make their way to the end of the track. Here you have the second orientation; this one is very informational and helpful as you learn how best to ride in the sled. Including advice about where to put your arms and how to keep your head in the best position. You will be instructed on how to load and unload the sled, as well as be fitted for a helmet.

One fact that I thought was interesting (and did make me have my first-second thought about going through with the experience) is that due to the intense experience and G-Force, professional bobsled athletes limit themselves to riding a few times a day.

After getting a helmet, you are shuttled further up the track with the sled you will be riding. Then it’s go time! 

Two men load a bobsled onto the track

As an observer, you have a couple of options, you can watch on a television screen, or you can go to turn 12 and see the sled fly by.

For those who want evidence of their experience, remember to bring your Go Pro Camera, (Go Pro is the only camera allowed). You can either have it mounted on the sled facing forwards or worn by your driver facing backward. Fortunately for me, I was able to have my camera ride multiple times, once with the camera facing forwards, and once facing backward.

In the moments of loading into the sled, the excitement for the ride was amazing, and it’s been a long time since I’ve had that feeling in my stomach. Then the ride, which was in fact “very aggressive.” Afterward, I was so happy I went through with it and was able to experience it. Also, I walked away with a whole new appreciation for the sport!


  • Book your ticket in advance
  • It is important to know, that having a camera does not guarantee that it will be used, participants should make their request during the first orientation.
  • Arrive early to see exhibits at Utah Olympic Park

If you are unable to visit Utah Olympic Park this winter and still want to ride the bobsled, don't worry, they offer a summer bobsled experience too.