It’s late Saturday morning. The sun is hot, the breeze is cool, and Historic Main Street in Park City is already bustling with activity. With part of the road under construction this summer, people zigzag their way up, down, and across the street, most clutching cold brew coffees, ice creams, and shopping bags.

Zoned out from the bustle of people perusing Main, I’m not here for the shopping but to immerse myself in history. With headphones in my ears, ice cream in one hand, and my phone in my pocket, I’m transported to an older time as a self-guided audio tour narrates the evolution of Historic Main Street, from its mining days to its rise as a ski town and an eventual host of the Winter Olympics in 2002. From stop to stop, I learn more about places like the Town Lift Plaza, Mother Urban’s Purple Palace, and the China Bridge Garage.

Maintaining a Thriving Historic District in Park City

Through initiatives such as feature stories, digital marketing, regular newsletters to keep local businesses and patrons informed about events and news, and a dynamic website—the HPCA ensures that Main Street remains a thriving destination. Their efforts include maintaining an events page, a directory featuring places to shop places to eat, arts and culture, places to stay, and providing printed maps for visitors, which can be found throughout town, including at the Park City Visitors Center located across from Kimball Junction on Olympic Parkway. 

Amidst the ongoing road construction on Main Street, Ginger notes: “we appreciate everyone’s patience and understanding as the historic district utilities are being updated. Businesses need local support more than ever right now as we improve the historic district,” Ginger continued. “Even though we are a tourist town, it is so important that we shop locally.” 

A brief hour-long walking tour cannot fully capture the depth of Park City's history, but it underscores a fundamental truth: history evolves. Through the diligent efforts of HPCA, Park City preserves its heritage while ensuring that both residents and visitors can continue to experience the richness and uniqueness of Historic Park City.

Explore Local History on Foot in Park City

For those eager to delve deeper into Park City’s history, the TravelStorys app offers an immersive audio tour experience, bringing the stories of this iconic destination to life. Developed in partnership with TravelStorys, the tour is presented by the Park City Chamber & Visitors Bureau and is designed to provide a helpful resource for visitors and residents who are looking to learn more about the history of the town. There are a total of 13 stops, and each stops takes an average 3-5 minutes to complete. If you are walking it during summertime be sure to bring sunscreen and water, as not all the stops are shaded or provide seating. 

Exploring Park City's history is an incredible way to get to know our mountain town!