Would you like to have the perfect winter vacation, complete with thrilling skiing, family-friendly activities, and fine cuisine—all while supporting sustainable travel? Park City, Utah takes pride in being an eco-friendly destination, making it easy for you to travel responsibly without compromising the experience.

Your sustainable travel to Park City will start from your home, where you just need to pack the essentials for your winter comfort, saving weight on your flight. You will find all the winter equipment you need to enjoy the ideal wintery vacation in Park City, but you don’t have to buy it for just a few uses. Local rental companies provide the convenience and service of delivering everything you need directly to you.

Getting Here

Get to your Park City adventure on one of many flights to the Delta Air Lines hub of Salt Lake City International Airport to minimize your carbon footprint. There is even a direct flight from Paris and Amsterdam to Salt Lake City, which is a mere 35 minutes by car or minibus from Park City.

Getting Around Park City

Once you arrive, you can hop on one of the complimentary zero-emission buses in Park City’s public transportation system. Park City is the first mountain town in North America to operate a fleet of zero-emission buses. By investing in green transportation, the city reduced its carbon footprint by more than 70,000 tons since 2005. That’s like taking 14,000 cars off the road for an entire year.

Thanks to this public transit infrastructure, you don’t need to rent a car. These buses operate on an express route to connect riders from Kimball Junction to Old Town (Main Street) with just one stop along the way. Plus, there are free lines inside the city to get you to whatever attraction, meal, or view you want.

Eco-Friendly Vacation

Each of your stops is an opportunity to continue your track of sustainable travel. For example, outdoor recreation is a wonderful way to connect with nature and to take care of it. Simply be considerate of the places where you ski, snowshoe, and hang out with sled dogs so future generations can do the same. Keep an eye out for recycling bins, don’t stray from established trails, and take only memories with you when you leave outdoor spaces. Your thoughtfulness will be compounded by the fact that both Park City Mountain and Deer Valley Resort are committed to being green ski resorts through a myriad of initiatives. In fact, the entire town of Park City has the most aggressive sustainability goals of any city in North America: use 100% renewable electricity by the year 2030.

Shop Local

You’ll also see the community’s focus on keeping Park City beautiful in the form of a plastic bag ban. Use paper or better yet, pick up a Park City reusable bag as an ecologically responsible reminder of your action-packed vacation. Fill it up with locally sourced souvenirs for your friends and family back home. You’ll find plenty of locally-owned stores that sell products made from sustainable and locally sourced materials.

Create PC

CREATE PC is a pop-up artist studio and retail gallery space. A local artist collective with an open…

Sustainable Sleep

After a full day and a divine dinner, you can fall into bed in your hotel and the sustainability practices will continue. Many Park City hotels utilize recycling and compost processes and energy-efficient appliances such as LED light bulbs. They also buy supplies locally to support regional producers. This also reduces carbon dioxide emissions and the packing materials associated with long-distance shipping.

Welcome to our community

It’s easy to have the time of your life and minimize your impact on the environment during a vacation to Park City, Utah. The town, businesses, and attractions have made it convenient to maintain your commitment to eco-friendly travel. Join the community in celebrating and protecting the beauty that makes Park City the special place that it is.