You might not know this, but Park City has a unique perk that community members can tap into - our Leadership Park City Program. Leadership Park City is a yearly application-based program that identifies, encourages, and trains community members with a desire to learn more about the challenges facing Park City to become leaders amongst their peers, providing long-term, group-oriented learning opportunities. And since change is the one true constant in this world, progress will always be on the horizon. Thriving communities like Park City continue to have growing pains where it’s not about stopping progress or fighting it but about coming together to make it work for the community. To make the best decisions that will set up the future of Park City to be healthy, sustainable, and continue to be a place worth living and visiting.

One of the best things about living in Park City is the camaraderie of the people here and how the community comes together to figure out how to make Park City a better and more sustainable place to live, no matter what type of progress is on the horizon. In communities like Park City, we need strong leaders who will step up and lead the charge, who will rally people together to find answers to problems, lead debates, and create an open and just system for people to voice their opinions on how to make Park City a place that doesn’t lose its character while also continuing to move into the future. And that’s where Myles Rademan, Director and Founder of Leadership Park City comes in …

How It Got Started

Myles Rademan moved to Park City over 30 years ago, where he, not unlike today, encountered a community that was quite upset about the changes that were going on around town. Myles had completed a fellowship through the W.K. Kellogg Foundation, which gave him the tools to identify that Park City needed strong leaders to help take the town into its next iteration. Myles wanted to pay it back to the community that was giving him so much and saw a need for community members to step up in leadership roles, so he suggested that Park City start its own Leadership Program, modeling it after the Kellogg Foundation program, and got it approved by the City Council in 1994. The first Leadership Park City class commenced in the fall of 1995. In the 29 years since then, the program has amassed more than 800 alumni, many of whom are still actively involved in Park City.

What They Do

By offering this program, Park City is investing in the people of their community.  Leadership Park City focuses on individuality and ethical leadership rather than coming from a government or business point of view. Each class spans ten sessions, diving into topics like local government, planning and development, management, and issues like the environment, affordable housing, recreation, tourism, and beyond. Participants also work together on a final group service project, putting their skills to the test by helping to find creative solutions to issues like public art, green building, wind power, trails development, youth leadership, water conservation, voter awareness, community walkability, public transit usage, reduction of plastic bag usage, food sustainability and many more. Leadership class sessions are held in different spaces throughout Summit County, introducing participants to new facilities, organizations, and possibilities.


During August, applications open for the Leadership Program, and between 80 to 120 applicants typically vie for the 30 spots available in each Leadership class. The selection criteria are centered around a genuine desire to be part of the program and the diversity that represents the community. Everyone who is accepted is granted a scholarship to ensure all participants have an equal access opportunity.

One of the biggest highlights of the Leadership Park City program is helping aspiring community leaders network with one another while gaining essential leadership insights. It offers opportunities to those serious about making a difference and helping shape Park City’s future. The program allows leaders to see how things work from the inside out and meet others interested in changing the community. There’s something quite special about networking with other people who are engaged in the same cause you are and want to make Park City the best it can be. Every member and alumni of the Leadership program tries to make Park City a unique place full of opportunities and sustainable growth.

A compelling highlight for members of the Leadership Program is City Tour. City Tour is a five-day program that allows participants to learn and experience best practices from other innovative communities around the West. This field trip will enable members to get to know one another and discover solutions for problems from other communities they may not have considered. This year’s class’ City Tour will visit Fort Collins, Colorado.

Looking Forward To

Leadership Park City recently had a Community Forum on March 20, a deep dive into the Resort Industry, introducing the Heads of our local resorts, Deirdra Walsh from Park City Mountain and Todd Bennett from Deer Valley. They discussed the future of the resorts in our community. 

If you are interested in applying to be a part of the 30th year of this fantastic Leadership Program, set a reminder on your calendar to check in August when applications open. Leadership Park City is looking for people who will be committed to the program as you’ll be pledging your time to 10 in-person classes, 6 hours each from 3-10 pm. At its core, Leadership Park City is all about bringing people together with a great interest in giving back to the community and wanting Park City to be an exceptional place to live and visit.