On the Right Trail Video Series

Arts Trail 

While Park City is world-renowned for its abundant options for outdoor recreation, this mountain town also offers a vibrant arts and culture scene. Cultural attractions in Park City include galleries dotting Main Street to famous festivals (hello, Sundance!), but there are a number of hidden gems throughout the town you can find year-round as well.  

History Trail 

There’s no question that history buffs will find plenty to pique their interest in this historic mountain town. With a fascinating mining history, an Olympic legacy, and a rich cultural undercurrent, Park City offers nearly endless historical insights and activities. But rest assured that Park City’s wide range of activities and offerings warrant a closer look from any type of visitor, a history fan, or otherwise.

Family Summer Trail 

While the skiing in Park City is unparalleled (Utah has the Best Snow on Earth, after all!), the summer months offer an underrated time to visit. In fact, if you ask the locals, many will tell you that summer is the best-kept secret in our town. With fly fishing, mountain biking, ziplines, golf, hiking, and countless other activities to choose from, warm-weather visitors will have an array of options to stay active and happy. 

Wellness Trail 

Park City provides the perfect place for healthy adventures with friends, family members, or even on your own. With a plethora of healthy adventures nearly everywhere — such as outdoors yoga classes, miles of hiking trails, and walking paths that connect the entire town — you’ll feel rejuvenated and relaxed (not worn down) after your vacation.