The Compass Collection

5011 Ocean Blvd Suite 303, Sarasota, FL 34242

The Compass Collection was built by homeowners for homeowners. Born out of need during the “Great Recession” of 2008, myself and my father decided to make a leap of faith and place our own homes on Siesta Key on the vacation rental market. We had lost everything and wanted to salvage very last assets… our homes. Founding The Cottages On The Key, we humbly began renting to avid vacationers, while learning about the true art of hospitality and the vacation rental industry from scratch. We also learned about guest expectations and marketing, while carefully watching budgets and developing homeowner and guest relationships. Along the way we grew close to many of our guests, ultimately understanding the depth of our commitment to them and the impact that vacations had on their family time together. It was nothing short of inspiring! The company’s credos, reputation, and homeowner successes led us to build an ever-growing portfolio of homes, and as we grew, we built a team, created purpose-driven protocols, and invested heavily into powerful marketing and reservations systems, all the while adhering fervently to our brand strategies and maintaining owner relationships to the highest degree. Wind forward to 2023, with a stellar portfolio of exceptional homes, and a stable of happy homeowners who are earning way more than they could do on their own, we have decided to take the power of our success to a national level with The Compass Collection. The Compass Collection’s sole goal is to share what we have learned over the years, helping homeowners everywhere to gain financial stability and exceed their earnings expectations while supporting them every step of the way. In doing so we intend to level the playing field between self-managed owners and the large-scale vacation rental companies that now dominate the vacation rental market. We will leverage our experience, knowledge, and sophisticated systems for each and every “Homeowner Partner” to ensure that they have the greatest earnings advantage, the highest level of revenue generation, and the preservation of their cherished assets. At The Compass Collection we believe in the “Lost Art of Hospitality,” and that people like to do business with real people, not online websites and machines, because our humble beginnings remind us every day not to forget our roots.
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