St. Mary's Old Chapel

121 Park Avenue, Park City, UT 84060

St. Mary's Parish was Established in 1881. A small wood framed church was built at the top of Park Ave. The Church burned to the ground a year later. A new church was begun and completed in 1884, this one of stone. It became home to the miner's of Parley's Park as Park City was originally known. For the miners, its prominence at the top of Park Avenue became the last bit of home they would see as they climbed to the mine entrances and descended into the earth. It was the beacon that drew them home at the end of a long day. And in times of disaster it was the gathering place for countless worried wives and families. In the early 1900's an adjacent building of stone was constructed as a school, taught by the Sisters of the Holy Cross. The school was closed during the Depression when the mines were closing and the town population waned. The parish however remained open. In the 1950's fire again struck the church. This time destroying the roof and much of the interior. The town was again in depression, the mines largely closed and the population small. It seemed the will of the bishop that the parish be closed. But strong defenders of the parish rallied, the structure was sound and the roof could be rebuilt if the bishop would permit it. The parishioners agreed that if the bishop would allow the parish to continue, they would never be a burden to him. The bishop agreed, the church was restored, the parish continued through despite the continued waning of the mining industry. In the 1960's the advent of the ski industry revitalized the town. By the end of the century the parish had grown so large, the tourists and visitors to the town had so increased that the little church could no longer serve. Yet after the construction of the new church, the Old Town Chapel continues. It remains ever open, it is home to the daily Mass of our community, and continues to serve the Old Town community. It is a precious reminder of our roots and a landmark for our town.
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