Park City Angels

Park City, UT 84098



The Park City Angels are a group of 40+ accredited investors located in Park City, Utah. We look to invest in promising opportunities that can produce significant shareholder return. The active lifestyle of Park City has attracted many dynamic and successful business leaders that have deep experience in building world class businesses. We facilitate unique, high-caliber networking and development forums for angel investors and mentors involved in early-stage investment.


Our mission is to promote best practice in order to reduce risk in early-stage investments for the benefit of entrepreneurs, investors and the community.


Our members are drawn from private groups, including investors and mentors who are interested in supporting and/or financing early-stage ventures. Our members have in common a strong desire, willingness, and capability to support ventures where they can work with management in the local region. We invest in areas where we believe our group can be a true value-added investor. Within our group is an environment where self help and camaraderie predominate and where members can develop confidence in their early-stage investment skills.


We are most interested in companies that have valuations from to $4MM to $6MM, have a reasonable likelihood of reaching $30MM in sales within 5 years, and can get to cash flow break even within the next year or two. Geographically our focus is primarily on companies in the state of Utah and adjacent areas, but we will also consider out of state deals if there is a connection to a member of our group or are referred to us by well-respected current investors.

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