Park City is home to more than 450 miles of trails that are ready for you to explore via mountain bike.  Mountain biking can require a lot of gear, and it’s not always easy to pack it all for your trip.  Fortunately, Park City has many bike rental and gear outfitters that will fit you with the latest equipment for your adventure.  Having trouble deciding what to bring and what to leave at home? We put together a suggested list of items to include in your suitcase and items to rent upon arrival in Park City.


  • BIKE: Leave your bike at home. Park City area shops all carry a wide variety of bikes, ranging from cruisers to midrange rentals, to a full demo fleet with the current year’s top-of-the-line mountain bikes.  Demoing is a great opportunity to try a mountain bike you’ve been eyeing, but don’t want to buy without trying.  Rentals/demos are often available for half days, full days, or even multiple days, allowing for a hassle-free experience that will easily fit into your vacation schedule.
  • BIKE TRAILER: If you’re coming to Park City with the whole family, you can rent a bike trailer or a pull-behind to tow the little ones along. It’s always more fun adventuring together.
  • HELMET:  Many bike rentals include a helmet rental too, so save room in your suitcase and rent one when you get here. If you’re an avid cyclist already, or even enjoy a casual bike ride at home and have a helmet, you may want to consider bringing your own.  This one’s about personal comfort and preference!
  • PADS: If you’re looking to give downhill mountain biking a try, or if you’ve never been mountain biking before and want to feel extra protected, you may want to consider including elbow and knee pads in your rental package.  A little added protection never hurt anyone…

Most bike rentals include the proper tools for minor adjustments while riding on the trails, and a spare tire tube or two.  They also usually include water bottles.


  • SHOES: If you’re an experienced mountain biker or cyclist and prefer to ride with clipless pedals and bike shoes, it’s a great idea to bring your own.  Shoes don’t take up too much room in your suitcase!
  • PEDALS: A lot of times shops offer clipless bike pedals to rent (if you have your own shoes), but if you have room in your suitcase it may be a good idea to throw your pedals in.  That way you’ll be sure that the shoe clip and pedal systems are compatible.  
  • CLOTHING: Bring your own bike shorts, clothing and accessories from home.  There is no reason to worry about forgetting anything though; the area bike shops will have you covered with a full selection of items if you do.  Make sure to remember sunglasses to avoid getting any bugs or dirt in your eyes.