Auntie Em’s Baked Goods is an indulgent staple in my diet, and I'm pretty sure that I’m not the only one that feels this way. When I first moved to Park City, Auntie Em’s baked goods were (and still are) the talk of the town. Specializing in small-batch pies and cookies, Auntie Em's is not just a bakery; it's a haven for those seeking the perfect blend of flaky pie crusts, ripe fruits, buttery cookies, and delightful treats. Auntie Em's stands as a testament to the dreams and passions of its founder, Emily Burney, whose journey has been fueled by the lifelong desires to own a bakery and spread happiness in the mountains.

The Auntie Em's Story

Emily's dream to open a bakery began to blossom during her later years in elementary school. It was around that time that she also discovered her desire to reside in the mountains of the West. This newfound love for mountain living seamlessly merged with her dream, transforming it into a vision of starting a bakery in a charming mountain town.

Getting her start in Park City as a ski patroller, when the snow melted she was looking for a complimentary summer job. That’s when Emily had the idea of starting her scratch bakery which slowly turned into her full time job.

In 2014, she took the first step of creating the Auntie Em’s baked goods brand by opening a stall at the Park City Farmers Market, gradually expanding from one day a week, three months a year, to finally being in her own space and operating a year-round bakery.

Having been baking her entire life, her culinary journey began with lessons from her mom and aunts and evolving through bakery experiences in Stanley, Idaho, and Deer Valley. She loves taking a part traditional recipes and improving them where she can and is always on a quest of how she can make something better. Emily knows that in order to do what she does well she couldn’t do everything, so she plays to her strengths focusing Auntie Em’s on traditional American baked goods like cookies, pies, quick breads, and scones.

Highlights and Favorite Baked Goods

A big highlight of Auntie Em’s is the joyous connections forged with the community, and that the most rewarding part of running her bakery is the interaction with both vendors and customers. She also REALLY loves making pie and working with seasonal fruits where she says you don’t have the chance to get sick of any one flavor because they are always rotating. Emily’s favorite pie to make is her seasonal strawberry rhubarb, as she says its the grand marshal of the fruit parade where you know summer is most definitely coming. An all time favorite item of her customers is the irresistible banana bread, claiming the title of best seller as they literally cannot make enough of it.

Auntie Em’s has recently introduced savory items like chicken pot pie, green chili pork pot pie, and steak and ale pie, which is like a really good beef stew in a pie crust. These dinner pies reflect Auntie Em’s culinary exploration into the cooking side of baking, her commitment to creating unique offerings, and are super handy for long cold days where you just don’t feel like cooking.

Where to Find Auntie Em's Bakery in Park City

For those seeking the perfect pie or a comforting cookie, Auntie Em's is more than a bakery; it's a culmination of dreams, passion, and consistency. Located at 1351 Kearns Blvd. Unit 150 in Park City, Auntie Em's welcomes visitors to experience the magic of home-baked goods, where Emily’s commitment to crafting everything from scratch is a testament to the authenticity that defines Auntie Em's. With hours from Tuesday to Saturday, locals and visitors alike have ample opportunities to indulge in the delightful offerings of this mountain town gem. For inquiries or special orders, Auntie Em's can be reached at (435) 513-5693 or Visit Auntie Em's and embark on a sweet journey through flavors crafted with love and dedication.

Mixing Up a Future

After years of growth and the relentless search for her own dedicated kitchen space, Emily found a permanent home for Auntie Em’s on Kearns Boulevard. Emily is looking forward to settling into this space and embracing the opportunity to keep baking in Park City.

She says it feels really good to find a location after looking for so long. And while expanding was once the goal, now the focus is on enjoying the success of what she’s built, being in a brick and mortar location, and savoring the joys of a settled business.