The Arts Council of Park City & Summit County has been blazing artistic trails and cultivating opportunities for artists in Park City and throughout Summit County since 1986, and their small but formidable team of six isn’t taking the foot off the gas anytime soon.  

With seven unique programs and a hefty vision to see arts and culture recognized as a critical part of the community and to a thriving economy, they have something for everyone to enjoy and take part in.  

“We are trying to uplift arts and culture in community to bring as many facets of it that we can. We promote lifting up and raising the voices of local artists and giving them platforms in which they can express themselves and share their talents with the community,” says the Arts Council Executive Director Jocelyn Scudder.

The Arts Council spreads art and artist opportunities throughout Summit County, UT!

An Art Haven All Their Own

One of their recent achievements was the signing of a 3-year lease on a space for one of their programs, Create PC, a local artists' collective that has long needed a permanent place to call “home.” It’s a unique, locals-only art space that currently features 22 gallery artists and 10 artists-in-residence. The space, nestled discreetly behind Tupelo on Kearns Blvd just beyond the beaten path, is a two-story building that offers a first-floor gallery and a second-floor artistic hub where visitors can observe art in creation. It’s a vibrant artistic hub brimming with creative energy, and if you’ve recently attended the Last Friday Gallery Stroll, perhaps you’ve already seen it. Through a glass door lies the unassuming art gallery. It’s not a huge space, but it’s warm and inviting, and each painting, pottery, and jewelry piece tells a completely different story than the one next to it.  

"The setup not only supports these artists but also enriches our community's cultural fabric," remarks Jocelyn. Prior to this, the Arts Council relied on temporary exhibitions and pop-ups. "For the first time, we have a permanent 'home'," says Jocelyn. They are working to secure an even more permanent home in the future.

Incredible dancing is just one of many mediums at the Latino Arts Festival!

Art On the Beaten Path

In addition to Create PC, other programs facilitated by the Arts Council include the Latino Arts Festival, a now 8-year running annual event happening June 14-16 this year at Canyons Village. The Latino Arts Festival is a celebration of the Latino and Hispanic cultures of Peru, Mexico, Chile, Brazil, Colombia, Argentina, and more. 

Another community favorite is Art on the Trails, taking place on August 24th this year. Art on the Trails connects creativity and arts and culture with the natural surroundings in our environment. It is an immersive, guided experience along the McCloud Creek Trail, allowing participants to not only enjoy nature and the beauty of our surroundings in the community but also see artists express themselves in the fields along the trail. From ballet, aerial acrobatics, opera singers, bands, cultural dancing, charcoal drawing, poetry, and even the symphony, the event has always been an expansive deep-dive into the diverse and magical world of artistic expression.

Art on the Trails includes performances from diverse backgrounds—celebrating indigenous history and art!

“It’s walking along the trail, and you have this display of artistry that coincides with the surroundings,” says Jocelyn. “The entire family can get out there and move and enjoy the surroundings and arts and culture in the community.”

Learn more about their other programs, including the Summit Arts Market (happening one day only on Saturday, July 13 at the Red Barn in Oakley, UT), Summit County Fair Fine Arts Exhibit, Art & Music Gallery Stroll, Monster Drawing Rally.

Finding local art at Create PC!

Building Community and Artists

Their diverse programming is a true reflection and testament of their mission which is to serve the Arts & Culture community by driving creative programming, providing valuable resources, and cultivating connections.  

Through the years they have sought to and succeeded in supporting local artists and providing a place where art and culture can thrive and be appreciated by all.  

The Council's vision extends to demonstrating that Arts & Culture are essential to the economic vitality of the community and economy. “We envision a community where Arts & Culture are critical, where creatives thrive, and where all people connect through the arts,” Jocelyn adds. “It’s a massive, overarching goal.”  

To help them achieve their goals, in 2020, the Council crafted a five-year Strategic Plan, developed through community surveys, stakeholder interviews, and deep dives with their Board of Directors and staff. This plan reflects lessons learned since their inception and focuses on current needs and the evolving landscape of the arts community. It charts a course for future growth and heightened impact throughout Summit County.  

With their Strategic Plan guiding their path, and as they continue to support local artists and provide an open, nurturing environment where creatives can thrive, the Council is poised for greater impact, shaping the cultural landscape of Summit County, as they continually represent the truth that arts and culture do not only enrich, but are indispensable to the cultural and economic prosperity of the community.  

The Arts Council supports local artists and provides a venue—enriching our mountain community!