There’s no replacing the joy of first witnessing your child ski down a snow-covered mountain dressed in the most adorable winter gear you could find (or afford, hello expensive sport) as you trail close behind yelling out names of fast food “Pizza!” “French Fries!”

But as parents, there are also days, nights, and weekends when replacing those moments with a celebratory clink of cheers, a quiet night at dinner or a day (or three) spent traversing tougher terrain, satisfies a different part of us, an essential part of us, a piece tied to our independence and the freedom of adulthood.

Childcare in a Pandemic

In any given year there are a number of childcare options serving the entirety of Park City from the moment you exit the freeway to the tip-top of Deer Valley. Unfortunately, 2020 is not any year, which is why we felt it essential to provide both locals and visitors with the most up to date options in babysitting amidst resort changes, sanitation guidelines, and the general unknown of the upcoming season. Below are four independent agencies that service the Park City area and are operational for the 2020/2021 season.

Note: Little Adventurers Children’s Center at Park City Mountain & Deer Valley Children’s Center will be closed for the 2020/2021 Season due to COVID-19 Restrictions. Pricing is reflective of each agency’s website and subject to change.

Local Agencies

Park City Sitters

Contact:, Phone: 435-640-7193

Background Checks: Yes

Licensed & Insured: Yes

Clients Book in Advance: Yes

Sitters Can Drive Kids: No

CPR Certified: Yes

Gear Rentals: No

Grocery Delivery: No

Cost: $30/hour, 4 hour minimum. $3 per additional child/hour

COVID Precautions: PC Sitters requires all sitters to wear masks for the 2020/2021 season.

What Makes Us Unique: PC Sitters is the preferred childcare partner of Stein Erikson Lodge, the Montage at Deer Valley, the Lodge at Blue Sky Ranch, and Victory Ranch. They have earned the Best of Park City award for the last 5 years and are entering their 16th year of business. “We take it very seriously,” says Rachel Pepper Friedman, owner, “We are total strangers coming into their home or hotel room. It’s nerve-wracking, I totally get that. We meet [our sitters] in person, we really know them.”


Contact:, Phone: (435) 901-9598

Sitter Background Checks: Yes

Licensed & Insured: Yes

Clients Book in Advance: Yes

Sitters Can Drive Kids: Yes

CPR Certified: Yes

Gear Rentals: No

Grocery Delivery: Yes

Cost: $26/hour, 3-hour minimum. Memberships are available to earn up to 15% off. 

COVID Precautions: Can request a nanny who has had COVID and recovered. All sitters required to wear masks. 

What Makes Us Unique: Qubercare’s database of sitters touts not only quality childcare, but those with over 10 years of experience and several who are qualified to look after both infants and children with special needs. They also offer a dedicated Kid Cab service, where parents can hire sitters to pick kids up from ski school, take them to dance lessons, to and from their hotel. “I’ve picked up kids from the airport because their parents were coming home on a different flight,” says Laurie DiVino, owner. 

Guardian Angel Babysitting

Contact:, Phone: 435-640-1229

Sitter Background Checks: Yes

Licensed & Insured: Yes

Clients Book in Advance: Yes

Sitters Can Drive Kids: Yes, with parent signed waiver

CPR Certified: Yes

Gear Rentals: Yes

Grocery Delivery: Yes

Cost: $25/hour ,4 hour minimum, $2 per additional child/hour + $15 Sitter Travel Fee

COVID Precautions: Catering to each family’s comfort level. Sitters can wear masks at the family’s request and always arrive properly sanitized.

What Makes Us Unique: Guardian Angel Sitters are one of the longest-running sitting agencies in Park City, established in 1993 to serve a community of yearly travelers. “We call this our blessing business. We get to bless the families that are using our services,” says Crystal Christian, owner, who touts the company’s competitive pricing and customer service, “We don’t want to make it impossible for [families] to come to Park City and still be able to enjoy a night out and know that their kids are taken care of,” says Christian, mom of five, “We’re available last minute. We bend over backward to make sure our clients have the best experience and have that environment of home when they’re traveling.”

Mother Goose Child Care Services

Contact:, Phone: 435.503.4896

Sitter Background Checks: Yes

Licensed & Insured: Yes

Clients Book in Advance: Yes

Sitters Can Drive Kids: Yes

CPR Certified: Yes

Gear Rentals: Yes

Grocery Delivery: Yes

Cost: $22/hour 4 hour minimum, $1 per additional child/hour, $5 additional/hour for each child under 24 months.

COVID Precautions: All sitters following CDC guidelines. Parents can request a sitter who has already contracted COVID and is recovered.

What Makes Us Unique: Mother Goose Child Care Services can pick your child up directly from the hotel or mountain, as one of the few services in town that insures their sitters to drive. They are also one of the only agencies who drug test their sitters as part of their vetting process while relying on current sitter recommendations for new sitters. “We don’t just hire anybody,” says Lisa Houston, owner, who also mentions the company’s commitment to providing top tier baby gear for traveling families on request, “If it’s something that is re-rentable we will buy it,” says Houston.