Top Outdoor Group Activities

Four Seasons of Possibilities in Park City

Park City is the ultimate year-round meeting destination that offers your group of attendees top outdoor activities and adventure to enjoy in every season. Choose from a wide variety of pre-and-post meeting outings and off-agenda fun in the fresh air and amidst the picturesque mountains - including golf, fly fishing, biking, bobsled rides, horseback riding, hiking, hot air ballooning, concerts, art festivals and gallery strolls.


Spring & Summer Activities

Your options for group activities in Park City’s great outdoors are limitless, especially in the spring and summer. However you choose to explore Park City, it all makes for an unforgettable meeting experience. Let the fun begin.

Hiking & Biking

Park City is the place for hiking and biking, with hundreds of miles of trails in and around the charming mountain town. Great for team building and outdoor adventures, groups can take a guided tour on hundreds of miles of picturesque trails and alpine terrain - all of which are kept in pristine shape. Whether it’s hiking or biking the trails, attendees have easy access to the plethora of paths that highlight some of Park City’s best scenery.

Horseback Riding

Round up your group and saddle up for a horseback riding experience unlike any other in Park City. From rides that range from easy to challenging, your attendees can find a stable and tour that will allow them to get the most out of Park City’s spectacular terrain. Mild spring temperatures mean your gallivanting group will get a waft of cool mountain air from atop your horse - providing a great view of meadows and mountain peaks.


Park City and the surrounding area is home to fifteen golf courses for groups to choose from, which provide an ideal outdoor outing perfect for some friendly competition on the green amidst the majestic mountains of our destination. And, it certainly doesn't hurt your game when you play in summer temperatures that are generally milder than many other golf destinations.

Fly Fishing

As the last bit of winter’s snow melts, it has to go somewhere - and by summer’s arrival, it becomes some of the most beautiful and pristine rivers in the Wasatch Range. That’s when fly fishing season is in full swing in Park City. Groups can enjoy this unique outdoor experience among the mountains and crisp, fresh air. Many companies offer summertime fly fishing tours for your attendees to really get the “hook” of it.

Zipline Adventure Tours

With its flowing rivers and rugged mountain peaks, Park City is a popular ziplining destination. There are plenty of companies offering zipline adventures where your group can soar 110 feet above scenic mountain ski trails at high speeds. With some tours open seven days a week during the summer, attendees will have plenty of opportunities to try it out - and several offer shorter zipline tour options, which are perfect if your time is limited.

Rafting & Water Sports

Park City has many beautiful lakes and rivers, making it a perfect destination for water sports and river rafting. Here, your group can rush down the rapids on an inflatable raft, integrate wellness into your meeting by practicing paddleboard yoga on a calm lake, or plunge into the river with a tube for an unforgettable outdoor excursion.

(Yes, in the summer.)

Bobsledding? In the summer? You betcha! At Comet Bobsled, your group of attendees can feel like true Olympians with the Summer Bobsled Experience. Groups can take a bobsled ride down the very same track where events were held during the 2002 Winter Olympics.

Explore more spring and summer group activity options for your outdoor enthusiasts to enjoy during their meeting in Park City.


Summer & Fall Activities

Hot Air Ballooning

Park City is so ideal for hot air ballooning that the town even hosts a yearly event dedicated to the outdoor activity. Every September, a weekend is set aside to appreciate these colorful giants during Autumn Aloft. If your group is looking for a unique activity to add to your Park City outdoor adventure, include a hot air balloon experience on the itinerary. Trips last about an hour and can have anywhere from four to 12 passengers, depending on the size of the basket.

Mountain Biking

Park City is a mecca for mountain biking. We have 450 miles of mountain biking trails in and around the town - all of which are kept in pristine shape. This is thanks to the Mountain Trails Foundation, which is dedicated to building, maintaining and preserving trail access in the area. Groups can embrace their wanderlust and spend some off-time cruising through the mountains and meadows of Park City.

Seek Adventure at State Parks Near Park City

Just 20 minutes north and south of Park City, groups will find two Utah state parks to explore and let their outdoor adventures run wild - Rockport State Park or Wasatch Mountain State Park. Both parks have plenty of things to do in any season, all while surrounded by the beauty of nature.

Self-Guided Tour of Park City's Public Art Works

One excellent way groups can experience the creative side of Park City is to take a self-guided tour of the town’s public artworks. Groups can stroll the streets year-round to see the artistry and roots of Park City through its large-scale murals and sculptures all around town.

Shop & Stroll Along Historic Main Street

Nestled in the heart of Park City is our Historic Main Street. This thoroughfare for shoppers is charmingly lined with boutiques, galleries, outdoor shops, gift shops, bookstores, restaurants and more.


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