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Smart, environmentally friendly offerings at your meetings and conferences are shifting from trend to expectation - and sustainability is an important initiative, especially in Park City.

The New Sustainable Tourism Plan

The Sustainable Tourism Plan features efforts that go beyond green. It’s a resourceful guide of elevated standards and criteria focusing on the Global Sustainable Tourism Council’s (GSTC) standard that includes four main categories of destination sustainability:

  • Sustainable destination management and governance
  • Economic benefits to the local host community
  • Protection of cultural heritage, community, and visitor well-being
  • Environmental protection and conservation

The acronym, HOME, was designed to reflect how we are telling Park City’s story of sustainability - and tying it into our quality of life and sense of place. It encompasses GSTC’s four pillars of destination sustainability we are focusing on while staying in alignment with the Global Sustainable Assessment.

utdoor Recreation 
anagement (of the destination)

Green/Sustainable Meeting Hotels & Resorts

Park City is home to numerous green, sustainable hotels and resorts that range from budget-friendly to luxury. When booking your next meeting hotel, consider your group’s carbon footprint and research accommodations that support Park City’s initiative for net-zero.

TripAdvisor has implemented their GreenLeaders Program, which showcases Park City's eco-friendly hotels and resorts that are all committed to green practices. Many of our local hotel partners are members of the Green Business Program, as well. They include:

Deer Valley - A Diamond of Sustainability

Green Itineraries For Your Group

Those that live green, or practice green initiatives, come alive when they are out in nature. After all, they want to experience the very environment that they are passionate about preserving. Park City offers sample group itineraries filled with recreational outdoor activities and ways for your group to be out in the green outdoors.

A Guide to Sustainable Meetings & Events

Sustainability is a necessity but there are creative ways to brand it as an amenity. Park City’s Guide to Sustainable Meetings & Events is available to assist planners in implementing sustainable practices in their meetings or events.

Sustainable Meetings Checklist & Tips for Planners

A sustainable event balances the 3 Ps — People (social responsibilities), Planet (environmental responsibilities) and Prosperity (economic responsibilities). This sustainable meetings checklist is full of useful resources and priorities including:

  • Participant
  • Stakeholder & Staff
Social Considerations & Accessibility
  • Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion
  • Well-being
  • Management
  • Accessibility & Services
  • Energy & Water
  • Waste
  • General
  • Accessibility & Social Inclusion
  • Energy and Water
Event Materials
  • General
  • Materials & Packaging
Sustainable Events Should:
  • Be an accessible and inclusive setting for all
  • Be a safe and secure atmosphere
  • Encourage healthy living and more sustainable behavior
  • Have minimal negative impacts on the environment and community
  • Promote responsible sources
  • Leave a positive legacy
Benefits of Organizing a Sustainable Meeting or Event Include: 
  • Financial advantages
  • Positive reputation and improved image
  • Social benefits
  • Triggering innovation
  • Raising awareness and inspiring change

Visit Park City’s Sustainable Meetings Checklist has everything you need to host an event sustainably and responsibly.

Park City's History of Environmental Responsibility & Sustainability

As a known green meeting destination, Park City has a long history of environmental responsibility and sustainability.

Our goals are North America’s most ambitious: to be net-zero carbon and run on 100% renewable energy by 2030 community-wide and by 2022 for municipal operations.

  • Nearly 10,000 acres of protected open space
  • Our transit system is free, with the nation’s first all-electric commuter route with our Electric Xpress buses. We currently run 13 e-buses year-round, and the rest of our buses run on a biodiesel blend.
  • Summit County and Park City launched Summit Bike Share in 2017 which offers bicycles to their registered users. It’s easy, fun and comfortable plus all of the bikes have electric-assist or Pedelec bikes which act like a regular bike and don’t have any complicated gears or buttons to learn.

Learn more about how Park City continues to be a leading municipality leading sustainability efforts with some of the most ambitious climate goals in North America.

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