A Guide to Sustainable Meetings & Events

The goals are ambitious. The solution is sustainable. The place is Park City, Utah. Planners, meet the new Sustainable Tourism Plan - and get ready to host your next meeting or event in a premier sustainable destination.


What's Inside


The Significance & Benefits of Going Green


Choosing Eco-Friendly Lodging & Event Spaces


Tips: Incorporating Local Flair with Sustainable Practices


Eco-Friendly Transportation Options


Outdoor Recreation & Environmental Responsibility


Tips & Best Practices Checklist for Sustainable Groups

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The Goal

Park City has a long history of environmental responsibility and sustainability - and our goals are North America’s most ambitious. Our destination is on track to be net-zero carbon and run on 100% renewable energy by 2030 community-wide and by 2022 for municipal operations - making Park City a premier sustainable destination for meetings and events.

The Plan

The Park City Chamber/Bureau's new Sustainable Tourism Plan is working with industry experts, including the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC) - and is a collaborative, proactive and forward-thinking strategy to help advance Summit County’s objective of pursuing balanced and sustainable tourism development plus build on the foundation of existing initiatives.

The Standard

Sustainability is an initiative that will not waver - especially in Park City. The Sustainable Tourism Plan features efforts that go beyond green. It’s a guide of elevated standards and criteria focusing on four main categories of destination sustainability. 

  • Sustainable destination management and governance
  • Economic benefits to the local host community
  • Protection of cultural heritage, community, and visitor well-being
  • Environmental protection and conservation

The Result

The acronym, HOME, was designed to reflect how we are telling Park City’s story of sustainability - and encompasses GSTC’s four pillars of destination sustainability we are focusing on while staying in alignment with the Global Sustainable  Assessment. Planners, meet HOME.

H eritage
O utdoor Recreation
M anagement (of the destination)
E conomy


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