Giving Back in Park City

Food Pantry Emergency Assistance

Food Pantry / Emergency Assistance

Serve in our Food Pantry and our Receiving Area. This could include transporting food into food pantry, stocking shelves, putting together emergency hygiene kits, mobile food bags, helping to sort donations etc.

Project Contact:
Jessica Jarvis | 435-649-2260

Volunteer Trail Work Day

Volunteer Trail Work Day

Help build and maintain trails in Park City, Utah

Project Contact:
Clay Karz | 435-513-0347

Trail Maintenance Projects

Trail Maintenance Projects

Trail and open space maintenance

Project Contact:
Bob Radke | 435-649-1564 ext 19

Park City Community Foundation

Donate for Good in Park City

Want to make a powerful show of support for the Park City community? Give to the Community Fund at Park City Community Foundation. Annual Community Fund grants help over 25 local nonprofits do major good in this community.

Project Contact:
Lori Kun | 435-214-7477

Live Good Park City Community Foundation

Donate to Specific Nonprofits in Park City

Park City’s annual day of giving, Live PC Give PC, is in November – but you can donate to individual local nonprofits any time of year, supporting the amazing work they do for the community.

Project Contact:
Ollie Wilder | 435-214-7475