Staff Directory

Administrative Staff

Jennifer Wesselhoff

President & CEO
Phone: 435.658.9617

Sue Kapis

Vice President of Operations
Phone: 435.658.9622

Louise Gathright

Executive/Marketing Assistant
Phone: 435.658.9625

Membership/Visitor Services


Vice President of Member Services
Phone: 435.658.9611

Natalie Kohl

Member Services Manager
Phone: 435.658.9620


Membership Development Manager
Phone: 435.658.9606

Group Sales

Tonya Sweeten

Vice President of Group Sales
Phone: 435.658.9607

Carolyn Creek-McCallister

Senior National Sales Manager
Phone: 435.658.9606

Kim Davis

National Sales Manager
Phone: 435.658.9624

Alex Hagn

National Sales Manager
Phone: 435.658.9604

Marketing, Communications & Tourism Sales

Vice President of Marketing
Phone: 435.658.9601

Chad Wassmer

Director of Tourism Sales & Marketing
Phone: 435.658.9614

Sarah Myers

Director of Content & Engagement
Phone: 435.658.9635

Dan Howard

Director of Communications
Phone: 435.658.9609

Megan Skiles

Communications Manager
Phone: 435.658.9602

Dustin Johnson

Content & Social Specialist
Phone: 435.658.9613


International Marketing & Communications Specialist
Phone: 435.658.9603

Special Events

Bob Kollar

Vice President of Special Events
Phone: 435.658.9608