The Legacy We Share

People who visit Park City are drawn to the breathtaking beauty of the land, the creative culture of our thriving communities, and the sustainable values woven into the very fabric of our town. With some of the most ambitious climate goals in North America, Park City’s commitment to our cultural heritage and to sustainability includes sharing with visitors and locals alike how we can all strive to maintain the unique beauty and spirit of this community we call home.

Here is how you can support the rich heritage and pristine wonder of Park City and help preserve what makes the community we all love so very special.

Local First. Local Always.

Learn From Our History

From a rich Ute history and origins as a mining town to its Olympic legacy, learn how to safeguard Park City’s historical and local heritage sites.

Be Part of Our Story

Be a patron of Park City’s local craftspeople, businesses and artisans, and continue to grow our vibrant and creative community.

Protect our Trails

Help leave no trace by visiting Park City in May and November. As you enjoy the peaceful bliss of fewer people on the trail, learn how to help preserve this unique place for future generations.

Park City and Summit County are committed to destination stewardship. Read about our Sustainable Tourism planning process here

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More Ways to Help

Go Car-Free

Visitors frequently take advantage of our world-class bike paths and free and convenient public transit, which helps keep our downtown uncluttered with traffic.

Recycle & Reuse

The slogan “Pack in, pack out” includes around town. Using reusable items like canvas bags and water bottles helps preserve and protect our town.


In Park City, we act with kindness. That includes living in harmony with nearby wildlife. Use this guide to learn how to protect our delicate ecosystem of local animals while you safely enjoy the trail with loved ones.

Sustainable Community