My Town Video Series

Park City is unique – from its authentic silver mining history to its Olympic legacy, innovative culinary traditions and legendary recreational offerings. But at the heart of Park City’s character is its people – from all walks of life and all corners of the Earth. These are their stories. Come to Park City and you'll discover exactly why this special town ignites their passions.  


Emily White, owner of Wish Park City, believes that it's important to celebrate life's special moments as it allows us to lasting memories with family and friends.

Red Bicycle Breadworks 

Brent Whitford and Brad Hart, co-founders of Red Bicycle Breadworks, have produced hand-crafted artisan bread, using the finest local ingredients, since 2007.

The Beau Collective

Lindsay Cunningham and Whitney Kozlowski, co-founders of The Beau Collective, created a unique community built on fitness, social gathering, and motivation.

Ritual Chocolate 

Anna Davies and Robbie Stout, co-founders of Ritual Chocolate, took their dreams of producing single-origin, craft chocolate and made it their reality here in Park City.

Wasatch Brewery

Greg Schirf, founder of Schirf Brewing Company -- makers of Wasatch Beers, used his dreams to impact the future of Brew Pubs here in Park City.

Mountain Trails Foundation

Learn how Charlie Sturgis, Executive Director of Mountain Trails Foundation, has helped build, maintain, and protect area trails.

All Seasons Adventures

Bruce Juhl, more commonly known as Goose, founded All Seasons Adventures. Discover what inspired him to provide visitors with access to outdoor activities in Park City.

Mountain Song Farm

There are many factors that contribute to the Park City area's uniqueness, including its people. Meet Lynsey Gammon, owner of Mountain Song Farm.

Ernesto Rocha

Ernesto Rocha, Executive Chef at Washington School House Hotel, finds much of his inspiration as a chef from different textures and colors.

Soul Poles

Bryon Friedman, founder of Soul Poles, made his dreams of producing eco-friendly, bamboo ski poles a reality in Park City, Utah.

Old Town Cellars

Jason Morgan and Stephen MacKay, co-founders of Old Town Cellars -- "the Official Wine of Après," strive to keep wine affordable, welcoming, and fun.

Bridgette Meinhold

Bridgette Meinhold, a local artist, finds inspiration in the area's natural beauty, which she translates into her encaustic paintings.

Woodland Biscuit Co.

Laurel Bartmess, owner of Woodland Biscuit Company, created a peaceful escape where the focus is high-quality, local foods and homemade biscuits.

Mountain Town Music

Brian Richards, Executive Director of Mountain Town Music, turned his passion for music into a way to enhance the Park City community.