Park City's Marketing Exposure

The mission of the Park City Chamber/Bureau is to promote the Park City and Summit County area (to destination guests) as a historic, all season mountain resort community with an ongoing Olympic legacy. Each year the marketing department, in conjunction with our advertising agency and the marketing council, creates and executes a national marketing plan that include TV commercials, print ads, and digital advertising. Because all media efforts target destination guests, you our member partners are not always able to see the amazing materials that are produced to promote our unique resort town. Below you will find a gallery of the Winter 2018/2019 advertising materials.

National Print Ads and Digital Banners

Winter's Favorite Town Couple on Charilift
Winter Print Ad #1
Ski Beach at Deer Valley Resort
Spring Ad
Winter's Favorite Town Skiers on Groomer
Winter Print Ad #2
Girl playing the snow with Montage dog ambassador
Winter's Favorite Town Display Story Boards

National Television Commercials

30 Second Couple Spot
30 Second Family Spot

Digital Billboards in New York City

Bryant Park Billboard
Penn Plaza Billboard