Park City is Your Green Meeting Destination


Eco + Meeting

Green meetings are smart meetings. Smart, environmentally friendly offerings at your meetings and conventions are shifting from trend to expectation. This page will provide you with green/sustainable hotel & resorts listings, sample itineraries with outdoor activities for your group, and examples of our long history of environmental responsibility.

Green/Sustainable Hotels

Park City is home to numerous green, sustainable hotels and resorts that range from budget to luxury. Treasure Mountain Inn in Park City has been awarded twice as the Utah Business Recycler of the Year. TripAdvisor has implemented their GreenLeaders Program, which showcases Park City's eco-friendly hotels and resorts that are all committed to green practices:

GreenLeaders Platinum Level:

LEED Certified | Temperature set to save energy | Leftover materials (e.g. food) donated or re-used | ENERGY STAR windows | Staff training on green practices | Tracks energy use.

Travelers Choice® 2016 Winner

GreenLeaders Gold Level:

LEED Certified | Window films help keep building cool | Toiletries w/ recycled packaging | Efficient ventilation system | ENERGY STAR kitchen appliances | Low chemical gardening.

GreenLeaders Silver Level:

Staff training on green practices | Efficient ventilation system | Organic/local food & beverages | Water-efficient bathroom fixtures | Local plants in garden | ENERGY STAR laundry machines.

GreenLeaders Bronze Level:

Energy saving guest room controls | Efficient ventilation system | Organic/local food & beverages | Energy-efficient light bulbs | ENERGY STAR kitchen appliances | ENERGY STAR laundry machines.

Green Itineraries For Your Group

Those that live green, or practice green initiatives, come alive when they are out in nature. After all, they want to experience the very environment that they are passionate about preserving. Park City offers sample 2-3 & 4-5 day group itineraries filled with recreational outdoor activities and ways for your group to be out in the green outdoors.

History of Environmental Responsibility & Sustainability

As a known green meeting destination, Park City has a long history of environmental responsibility and sustainability:

  • Our goals are North America’s most ambitious: to be net-zero carbon and run on 100% renewable energy by 2030 community-wide and by 2022 for municipal operations.
  • Nearly 10,000 acres of protected open space
  • Our transit system is free, with the nation’s first all-electric commuter route with our Electric Xpress buses. We currently run 13 e-buses year-round, and the rest of our buses run on a biodiesel blend.
  • Summit County and Park City launched Summit Bike Share in 2017 which offers bicycles to their registered users. It’s easy, fun and comfortable plus all of the bikes have electric-assist or Pedelec bikes which act like a regular bike and don’t have any complicated gears or buttons to learn.

Learn more about how Park City continues to be a leading municipality leading sustainability efforts with some of the most ambitious climate goals in North America.