Kim Davis

National Sales Manager

Kim Davis has worked in the hospitality and hotel industry for thirty years. Her career began by working as a front desk agent at a Fairfield Inn while she attended Brigham Young University. She worked her way up to positions of greater responsibility at various properties, including a General Manager position, opening a Homewood Suites Hotel in Utah. She recently joined Visit Park City as a National Sales Manager last year.

Kim Davis


Kim's experience has helped her become truly skilled at working in partnership with all different types of customer personalities and needs; you could simply call her a "people person"! She thrives when working on planning events that require heavy communication and strategic thinking. Kim recalls working on creating a space large enough for a meeting that required 100,000+ sq. feet. When the project came to her, it had only one defined vision: it would take place in Park City!

However, with Park City being more of a boutique location, the logistics of the operation were not well-defined. Fortunately, Park City is constantly expanding it’s off-ski-season offerings, which allow for more available outdoor space. Major resorts in the area are developing large covered and non-covered spaces that can accommodate and entertain crowds. She overcame the challenge of organizing such a massive meeting by tenting large open outdoor areas, organizing food trucks, and even setting up an outdoor stage where live music was performed for the event. The festivities all took place in front of the massive view of stunning mountainscape backdrops.

“Our whole expertise is “people driven,’” Kim explains, “You have to find their issues, their problems, and their task at hand. Then you need to set up, design, and find out how to fit everything in the space. I like to be that puzzle piece that makes their life easier.” Kim is particularly excited about planning association and SMERF meetings, weddings, and reunions where she can mix the traditional with nontraditional elements and introduce new ideas to her clients.

“My favorite part about my job is introducing people to everything Park City has to offer, and answering questions that require personal experience like: ‘Where can I go to have a group dinner with family?’ or ‘Where is a great place to have a rehearsal dinner’?”

Kim lived in Utah before the 2002 Olympics, and worked in Park City at the Park City Mountain Resort, formerly Park West. She has always had a love for the outdoors.

“Being back in Park City is a dream!”

She enjoys being back in Utah and seeing how the changes made for the games has benefited the state. She takes specific time to eat at different places every week and explore the city’s offerings, so she can share advice and experience first-hand. She particularly loves to experience the city with potential clients, via FAM tours.

“You can send them as many pictures as they want, but once they are here, it’s life changing.”

Kim tries to think and work outside the RFP when she can. She asks for meeting planners buy-in before adding or suggesting anything outside the RFP, but once she has gained their trust, she tries to go above and beyond the call. She doesn’t just evaluate the lead based on the paperwork, but instead gets to understand why they want “a five star hotel” for instance, and what other options will meet those values versus just the straight requirements. Kim’s clients are given the maximum number of potential quality options.

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