The CEO of IMEX Group, Carina Bauer, recently included Wellness as one of her top meeting trends for 2016 (and rightfully so). Implementing wellness programs can positively impact the physical, cognitive, and social wellness of your attendees.

In the past, corporate meetings and conferences have carried a somewhat stale connotation – enclosed, windowless rooms, long periods of inactivity, and eating options that were far from healthy. Thankfully, the wellness trend is becoming more of an M&C expectation as the options for wellness in meetings and conventions continue to grow.

Wellness accommodations should be one of your priorities when choosing a destination for your meeting. Park City makes it easy to implement wellness into your meeting and destination with numerous activities, restaurants, social settings, and crisp mountain air.

Group of mountain bikers standing and resting on trail

Being Well

Being Physically Well

Meeting planner can tie physical wellness into their program by planning enjoyable recreational activities like skiing, hiking, biking, yoga, and more… All are activities that promote physical wellness, and all are accessible in our dynamic mountain town.



Eating Well

With over 100 restaurants in Park City, Utah, there's no shortage of offerings that include health-conscious menu options and menu items made with sustainable, organic ingredients. Highlight restaurants such as 350Main or Riverhorse on Main when planning your itinerary to include options for health-conscious diners in your meetings group.


Thinking Well

Take advantage of Park City’s scenery! Located at an elevation of 7,000 feet in Utah's Wasatch mountain range, our city’s breathtaking mountains and crisp and refreshing air are impactful variables that can elevate your meeting or conference both literally and cognitively. Our meeting venues offer impeccable indoor and outdoor spaces for attendees.

Simply being in or around nature can have cognitive benefits such as boosting creativity and productivity, improvement in concentration, and a positive change in one’s mood.


Socializing & Networking Well

Team building opportunities can benefit the performance of your groups by removing the traditional boundaries between work and play.

They can help attendees socialize and network more easily, making for a more motivating and successful meeting and driving the results for which your company is aiming. 

Implementing wellness into your meeting can positively influence your itinerary and attendance in years to come. Park City’s recreational activities, restaurants, spacious venues and team-building opportunities can improve your meeting experience and ensure that your meeting drives the results your company needs. Remember, “All’s well that ends well.” Plan a meeting or conference that, when it’s all said and done, will leave your attendees… WELL!