Recently, we came across a Forbes article that cited a CareerCast report, ranking event planning #5 on its 2017 "Most Stressful Jobs" report—directly behind the demanding careers of police officers, airline pilots, firefighters and enlisted military personnel.

According to the report, the 11 factors considered when compiling the most stressful jobs report were:

Travel | Career growth potential | Physical demands | Environmental conditions | Hazards encountered | Meeting the public | Competition | Risk of death or grievous injury | Immediate danger of another’s life | Deadlines | Working in the public eye

Event and meeting planners, you landed a stress score of 51.15 out of 100, and while we understand that your job has its pressures, this was way too high for our liking.

You go to great lengths to make sure that attendees are not stressed during events. Along with meeting basic needs like F&B and adequate Wi-Fi, you ensure their emotional, mental and physical needs are met as well; but how are you—possessing one of the most stressful careers out there—reducing your anxiety? Aside from motivating podcasts, exercise and any other relievers that might help, what else can you do to relieve tensions and worries that come with the job?

Whether you’re an independent planner or you work for a local association or a big corporation, if you’re not using the services of the CVB to your advantage, you’re adding unnecessary stresses to your planning.

Think of a destination’s CVB as your team of experts (who also specialize in crisis management). With over 70 years of collective experience in the meetings & conventions industry, our Visit Park City team has just about seen and handled it all.


Event Planning


“Visit Park City’s group sales team knows a lot about the options and resources available to planners in our town. Our partnerships and friendships with the various entities in our community have helped when a group’s original itinerary plans fell apart at the last minutes due to a weather shift or an unforeseen circumstance. With a few quick phone calls from a member of our sales team, alternate activities and experiences were created. And our meeting planner client looked like a hero with their company.”
Carolyn Creek-McCallister

Relationships are the groundwork for most good things that come our way, and other resources do not easily substitute them. We’re willing to bet that at least once in your life, knowing someone who knows someone has helped you in some way. When you get to know Visit Park City’s team, not only do you build a beneficial and genuine relationship with them, but you also tap into their valuable relationships that they have established throughout the community. These relationships can help make help planning much more pleasant and less stressful!

Take a second to hop over to our services page. Our team can help you with itinerary building, organizing team-building activities, speaker selection assistance, helping with transportation logistics and much more. Even getting here and getting around is less stressful than it is for other planners visiting other popular destinations.

No matter how you utilize our services, relationships or city resources, we’re determined to do our part in ensuring that stress score goes down by 2018, and beyond.

Reach out to talk more.